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Vettel future: No news in the next two weeks

Friday, August 25th, 2017 | Sports

24. August 2017 – 17:31

Sebastian Vettel can not announce anything new about his contract for 2018

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(cafetheology.org) – Sebastian Vettel is still in the Formula 1 for 2018 still without contract, however, there is a lot to point out that he will go beyond this season for Ferrari. There is still nothing to be said in this respect. "I do not know, we have to wait and there will be some news," says Vettel before the Grand Prix of Belgium in Spa-Francorchamps addressed to his future vage.Und this will change in the short term also nothing. All those who had expected Ferrari to announce the contract extension with Vettel within the next week's Grand Prix in Monza will be disappointed by the German. "We are not focusing on the news but on the race, so it will be next week, too, and I do not expect any news for the next two weeks." Team colleague Kimi Raikkönen, who is in F1 this week from Ferrari for 2018 Can not provide much explanation. "I have no idea how things are going with him," says the Finn, who wants Vettel to remain, "Hopefully it will be the way it is. We work very well together as a whole team." Vettel is delighted Raikkonen's contract extension This is reciprocal because Vettel is delighted that the "Iceman" will also be racing for Ferrari next year. "If he's happy, I'm happy, too, and it's the reverse," he says. "At the start of the season, he had problems, but the last races were better, his talent or his pace was never in doubt," Vettel praises the Finns' abilities as they were. "It is nice that the team appreciates his work behind the scenes, and working with him is quite straightforward," says Vettel. "Everyone who knows him knows that he is quite straightforward in this respect. It just fits with him." Therefore, not a few observers suspect that the extension of the contract with Raikkonen was also a meeting with Vettel to make him a fate with Ferrari palatable.Vettel himself, however, does not believe that his personal good relationship with Raikkonen was decisive in this decision of the team , "When they asked me, I said I would be happy if Kimi were to stay, and if Maurizio were to have an influence on the decision," says Vettel on Teamchef Maurizio Arrivabene.Räikkönen: I enjoy racing Raikkonen does not believe that he was only an "appetizer" for Vettel further – which would not matter to him. "I was only interested in being here next year," he says. "What were the reasons for this, you have to ask the team, what else can I say?" In Finland, the fire of passion for motorsport still blazes at the age of 37 years. "I enjoy racing and I want to be as good as possible. If I feel that I am not fast enough, I would be dissatisfied with myself and would not be here," explains Raikkönen.


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