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Vettel at the home match without chancen: "No trust in the car"

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 | Sports

03. September 2017 – 17:14

Vettel's experience on the podium made him forget the disappointment

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(cafetheology.org) – Actually, the Grand Prix of Italy for Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel was a painful defeat. The German had to look out loud at the home game in Monza, as World Cup rival Lewis Hamilton confidently drove to the victory and Ferrari no chance. At the same time Vettel also lost the World Championship lead to the British. "I know that I have finished third, but at the end of the round and on the podium, you feel somehow as king of the world" , admires the Ferrari pilot after the champagne ceremony and praises the Tifosi for their support. Vettel would have "presented" his "fans today the long-awaited Heimerfolg, but against the supremacy of Mercedes today was no herb grown. Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne has to be aware of this. "We messed it up," the Italian commented. "The set-up was wrong, and we underestimated the track, and the car has gotten worse from Belgium," he says. Especially in rainy qualifying, the Scuderia had a lot of problems, so they were behind midfield drivers like Lance Stroll (Williams) and Esteban Ocon (Force India). "It was not an easy race, my start was not good, I needed a few laps to feel the car" , says Vettel. He knew that he had to pass pretty fast on the surprise drivers from Saturday – and it worked quite well. "Lance knew we had a stronger Pace, and he was pretty fair, Esteban tried to defend himself, but I had a good run from the last corner, for me it was clear that I was going," says Vettel. Fear that the two Youngsters could do something rash, he had not: "Drivers in the Formula 1 have a long history and know what they do," he waved. After a mistake of the second Chicane, Teamkollege Kimi Raikkonen was not a big obstacle, so that Vettel could go on the hunt for the silver arrows. "It was too late," he said, "when we were behind them, we were already six or seven seconds behind, so we lost time, we did not have the Pace," he continues. The silver arrows at the top were nowhere near in reach, as 36 seconds behind prove. Instead, Vettel in the final phase even had to defend Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull), who had started from far back, but getting closer.Excursions caused problemsNot helped had a ride in turn 1 on lap 40, which is not in the TV pictures to be seen. "There was a crack and then I had to go straight – and then my car was not the same anymore", he says, that something of the steering had broken. "That's why it was very hard to get the pace we've had in the last few laps, the car has pulled to one side, and I have not trusted the car when braking." But the end was all right, Vettel could the distance to his former team colleague to manage well and to save third place in the goal. "It was enough, and the podium makes all this good again," laughs the Ferrari-Pilot.Lewis Hamilton had announced before the weekend, Vettel want to spoil the good mood. With a victory the Mercedes-Pilot did everything for it, but the laughter did not lose Vettel nevertheless. For he is already thinking about the future and is convinced that better times will come again. "Even if the speed has been missing today and we got one on the cover, I know somehow we have a very good car, I'm full of hope for the next races," he says, "everyone in the team is "It's all in the right direction, even if you do not see it now," the German continues. He admits that Monza can look like Ferrari, "a black day," but the result remains positive: "The people here have given me so much strength that I am fully convinced that it is still right what comes in the next race, "he says. "There will be no sugar licking, that's clear, but we're on the right track.


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