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Vasseur explains Saubers Ferrari future: "No Haas model"

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | Sports

24. August 2017 – 21:52

Frederic Vasseur and Ferrari technician Binotto: Clean wants to remain independent

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(cafetheology.org) – Summer break? Not with the new Sauber team manager Frederic Vasseur. Because the Frenchman used the time to position his team as a Ferrari partner team. "We are the smallest team – and by far," Vasseur argues. "It is therefore useful to be supported by one of the top teams, not just at the technical level." The cooperation is currently under negotiation. In any case, Maranello will also have an influence on the driver's choice for the coming season. "We will be talking about the drivers in the coming days and weeks, which makes sense for both sides," Vasseur announces. Ferrari diamond diamond Charles Leclerc is already in the starting holes for 2018, creating the air for Mercedes-Youngster Pascal Wehrlein is becoming more and more thin despite good performance. Interesting is the cooperation between Sauber and Ferrari but also because Haas already has a partner team of the Scuderia.Teile: Why clean can only conditionally with Ferrari serve wants to orientate oneself thus on the Haas model and want one also like the US team in Future as many parts as allowed from Maranello? "No, I do not consider the Haas model at all," Vasseur rejects. "I do not care what they do, they have their cooperation with Ferrari, I want to raise my own, but without comparisons."

Sauber does not believe in the customer car model of Haas

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The current deal with Maranello states that Sauber gets Ferrari's drive unit and transmission. "We could extend them to a few other parts." This is not as easy as it looks. "Even if you consider that all Ferrari parts are better than those from Sauber," says Vasseur, you can not screw these parts to the car next year. "Because our aerodynamic concept is fixed and already in the wind tunnel." Even the use of the Ferrari suspension is not a children's game, although this would actually offer because of the articulation points in the transmission from Maranello. "The whole aerodynamics in this area is adapted to the suspension," argues Vasseur.Honda deal: Why Vasseur had stomach painAllethere, unlike Haas, Sauber has one of the best wind chimes of Formula 1 in Hinwil – an advantage that you would like to continue to use , "I want, therefore, that we are developing and not just a B-team." Apart from two aerodynamics updates in Singapore and Suzuka, which have already been developed, the team will now be fully focused on the upcoming season. If it had gone after predecessor Monisha Kaltenborn, then the team would not consider the upcoming season as Ferrari, but As a Honda partner. A thought that still causes stomach pain at Vasseur. The reason: "As we can not develop a gearbox, we would have to ask McLaren for one, but then McLaren might have chosen a different engine and developed only a gearbox for us, so I did not feel comfortable Decision against Honda. "


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