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Vandoorne & Grosjean: Punishment madness continues in Monza

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 | Sports

03 September 2017 – 11:41 am
Although a component change could have been possible even without a motor penalty, Stoffel Vandoorne loses his eighth place at the Grand Prix of Italy

Stoffel Vandoorne loses his eighth place due to engine changes

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(cafetheology.org) – McLaren pilot Stoffel Vandoorne has placed his personal record in eighth place at the qualification for the Grand Prix of Italy in Monza (Formula 1 2017 live on the ticker), but a new engine change of his Honda unit throws him to position 18. The Belgian will tackle the race in Monza with a return of 25 places. While the penalty of his team colleague Alonso already over 35 places already longer determined, Vandoorne allowed legitimate hopes to make a good result. The problems in the hybrid system, which occurred in Q3 were however ultimately also the trigger for the punishment and associated retreat. A defect in the MGU-K, the hybrid element that gained the kinetic energy when braking, had required a motor change. According to Honda, before the race, it was not enough time to change the affected component, a defective shaft. This is why Vandoorne is given a completely new drive unit. Especially bitter: the change of the defective component would have brought him no penalty. By changing to the Honda engine of the 3.7 build stage, Vandoorne is the seventh rider in the field, which receives a motor penalty. The eighth is Romain Grosjean (Haas), who was already 20th and last after his crash in the qualifying and has now also switched the transmission. Over the entire starter field the penalties in Monza have now added to 135 seats. It is only Polesetter Lewis Hamilton thus starting from the place where he qualified.



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