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Valtteri Bottas: tire temperature costs possible podium

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | Sports

28. August 2017 – 11:07

"Like on ice": Bottas can not fight against Rikkonen and Ricciardo

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(cafetheology.org) – Capped race for Valtteri Bottas: The World Championship third had to leave his fifth place in Spa-Francorchamps in the title fight, in which he can calculate theoretical chances, and is now 41 points behind leader Sebastian Vettel , The restart was after the safety car phase, where, unlike Hamilton, he did not bring the soft mix to temperature and was overtaken on the Kemmel straight by Daniel Ricciardo and Kimi Rikknen. In the end, he came back with 16.456 seconds to the finish line. "Behind the safety car felt like I was going on ice," says Bottas. "I've already jumped on the soft tires, and I've been getting worse and worse, but I had problems with the tire temperature, so I had little traction from the last corner, had to go inside the first corner "Again, the traction and the grip were missing, and on the opposite side I was attacked from all sides." Bottas tried to defend himself against the Red Bull and the Ferrari, but was no chance. "I tried to brake spt, but could not slow down the car properly and went straight," he describes his efforts. "If two guys get in a turn, it's really disappointing." "It's not great," he says, "and he'll be the first to criticize himself." "Shocking traction": Bottas as on iceNo worse, the reasons are currently in the dark, why Bottas, the The whole weekend in the shadow of Hamilton, had such problems. "His traction was shocking," also shows Mercedes-Motorsportchef Toto Wolff worried. "It was obvious that after the goal chicane opened a big gap at Restart, and then La Source was the gap between Vettel and Valtteri already huge, I have no doubt that Valtteri knows how to go through La Source leads. "

The stop in the safety car phase was the bottleneck in Bottas' race

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Bottas does not believe that it was on the set-up of his Boliden and he just got worse than Hamilton. "My set-up was basically the same as Lewis's – and it worked for him throughout the weekend, and I do not really know what the reason is, so we'll have to look at it before next weekend." Actually Had Bottas already in the first stint on the Ultrasoft mix Mhe, the pace of Hamilton and Vettel with go. Until the pit stop in round 13, he had a lag of over eight seconds. But on the soft mix, the Finn then suddenly got on the road, drove the fastest laps in the field and crashed the back up to six seconds. Even immediately before the safety car phase on lap 30, the third placed at the time was missing only about seven seconds. Restart: Bottas suffered massively under the soft tire. So there was an error, Botta in the safety car phase the soft- Tire fitting? "I think the guys with the Ultrasoft tire had an advantage at the restart," says Bottas. The problem: Mercedes had already fueled his Ultrasoft tire in qualifying, but still had fresh soft tires available.


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