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Valtteri Bottas: New one year contract better than the old

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Sports

14. September 2017 to 18:24

Valtteri Bottas has reason to be happy after his extension

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(cafetheology.org) – The dice have fallen: Valtteri Bottas will also be racing for Formula 1 in the coming year. As for 2017, however, the Finn has also received only one working paper for a season for 2018. Still, Bottas is satisfied with what Mercedes offered him: "I understand that the team wants to keep the options open for the future, but I am very happy," he says. "It's still better than the original contract that I had." Bottas is left with the clarity of whether he receives better pay or better opportunities. The fact is that he will probably have to recommend himself for another contract in the coming year, but that does not bother the Mercedes pilots at all: "As in this year, I was given a one-year opportunity to go for a second year "This is what gives me confidence," he says.Mercedes is not yet sure about Bottas to be in 2019, because some contracts will end at Topteams next season. It is said that Sebastian Vettel, who recently signed a new multi-year contract with Ferrari, has certainly secured himself with exit clauses. But Bottas does not care about the cockpit competition. "As always in my career, it is completely in my hands," says the Finn. "If I show a good performance, there will be no problem and we can have a long future together, I believe I will continue to grow as a driver and become a better pilot I'm confident about the future. "At least he can now concentrate on the 2017 season, where his immediate future is clear. "It is a good feeling – better than to know nothing and not to have any information, but big panic never came," he says on."


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