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Valtteri Bottas: Lewis Hamilton so well or I so badly?

Sunday, September 17th, 2017 | Sports

17. September 2017 to 20:16

Bottas operated damage limitation, but was dissatisfied with Singapore

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(cafetheology.org) – In four of the latest five Formula One races, Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas drew the shortter against team mate Lewis Hamilton. Even at the Singapore Grand Prix, the Finn was mostly slower than the sovereign winner – and wondered where the performance difference came from. "Somehow it was difficult for me," Bottas says without assuming that Hamilton has been performing miracles since Silverstone: "I do not know if it was due to Lewis' performance or whether I missed it." Fact is: After qualifying in Singapore was slower than the British, he did not come to him in the race. "I did not have a great start, I was too careful with the clutch, there was more grip than I expected," Bottas remembers that he had to pass Jolyon Palmer in the Renault after driving out. After that, he limited himself to a slalom because of the start crash: "I just tried to bypass the rubble," says Bottas. He went off the throttle and let him take care: "I was sure that a safety car would come I did not want to be the one who caused it. " When the track was wet, Bottas did not get his tires on temperature and lost ground. It was not until after the change to slicks that the good part of Sunday started: "The feeling that I was dry with the stability of the tail was much better than at any other time of the week, the lower temperatures helped us and me the car more confident, "Bottas emphasizes positive aspects. Through the pink-red glasses he does not see his performance. On the contrary: "I have a lot of homework to understand," says Bottas, who has not looked well twice since the summer break and has recalled the deficits of the beginning of the year. "Spa was a difficult weekend for me – including this one. Monza was fine." However, he also landed in Italy behind Hamilton.


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