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Valentino Rossi wants 300th MotoGP race with podium crown

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 | Sports

26. August 2017 – 19:44

Valentino Rossi is surprised and delighted about grid two in Silverstone

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(cafetheology.org) – He almost broke the magical two-minute wall, but Valentino Rossi missed the 300th MotoGP race in Silverstone for a total of 0.084 seconds on the fabulous time of Marc Marquez. The Italian showed himself surprised by his strong performance. On Sunday, he will fight for the fourth silverstone podium in a row in his jubilee race. In sectors one to three, his last attempt was already red, but in the last stretch Rossi only managed the eighth fastest time. "We have always suffered in the last sector, because we had our biggest problem, where I had a lot of spin and it was difficult to get the right speed," explains the Italian. "Unfortunately, we were not able to improve much, the feeling on the bike was even worse than yesterday," the nine-time world champion reports , Nevertheless, he was able to improve his lap and subdue his personal Silverstone score by 0.8 seconds. "The lap time was a little surprise for me, as I had problems." Tire wear is a problem for Yamaha. Teamkollege Maverick Vinales said: "After the fourth session, we modified the bike somewhat to find something to be able to take part But we have only worsened it – maybe we wanted something too much, so I did not feel so great and did not want to push the limit. " Finally, his time for starting place four, four tenths of a second were missing to the top.

Vinales is Rossi close on his heels: three-tenths are missing in qualifying on "Vale"

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The prospects for the race tomorrow are somewhat clouded. Rossi seems to worry about tire wear in the second half of the race. "We have to try to get rid of the tire wear and tear, and as usual this year, it happens to us that we are not so bad at the beginning, and then we are suffering from the slump Race hard. " Lastly in Austria, both Yamaha drivers complained about lack of grip and heavy wear on the rear wheel. "Vinales agrees with his experienced team-mate:" We hope that we have less tire wear than last time in Austria, the spinning wheels in the last race But the tire selection is difficult, we must drive carefully and save the tires until the end. "300. MotoGP race: "Every year it gets a bit more difficult". "It's a great number, so I have to go to the podium tomorrow alone for that reason." He clearly leads the statistics on most MotoGP launches, ahead of Alex Barros (245) and Nicky Hayden (218). 299 of the 851 races of the royal class were already able to contest the living legend – 35.1 percent of all races since 1949. In 19 countries he has already driven on 27 different routes. He also won 23 out of 23, while on 26 he was at least on the podium (exception: Red Bull Ring).


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