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Valentino Rossi: MotoGP competition hangs him off in the World Cup

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Sports

07. September 2017 – 7:15 pm

Valentino Rossi is fourth in the World Championship, but is still out of injury for the time being

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(cafetheology.org) – Even if Yamaha star Valentino Rossi can not participate in the Grand Prix of San Marino on this MotoGP weekend, the Italian was still the subject of the compulsory press conference, of course, on Thursday. "It's a pity that Valentino can not be here, especially because it's his home stretch," Rossi's team mate Maverick Vinales regrets the "doctor's" forced break, which will fail at least two races.For Vinales, but also a kind of help, as the Yamaha pilot explains: "That would have been interesting for us to compare the motorbikes and the data, but Yamaha always gives 100%, we'll try to get a podium or maybe even more Gap forward. " Currently, Vinales is 13 points behind the third place in the world championship. The overall result is six races ahead of the season's Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati), who won the last two races in Spielberg and Silverstone. "He will be difficult for him to continue to fight for the World Cup, he misses two races, and it certainly depends on how many points we can get, but it's already so hard enough to win the World Cup. "Marquez:" In two races you lose too many points "Rossi's failure has not changed his approach, the World Cup leader assures. "There are still many drivers who are fighting for the World Cup," explains Dovizioso. "And there are six races where everything can happen, many points are still open, everyone has to give their maximum, and it is important not to write a Nuller in this World Cup, and if you can win, you have to take the chance." Similarly, his direct pursuer Marc Marquez (Honda), who is currently nine points behind. He knew that "it can change from today to tomorrow, I could make a little gap, I felt good on the bike and then something unexpected happened in Silverstone, now I'm back, but it's still possible in six races, and I'm going to push 100% every Sunday. "He also believes Rossi will have a hard time getting back into the world championship. "If he only missed this race, he might have a chance, but he loses too much points in two races, and the problem for him is that he's not just fighting a competitor, there are three or four drivers. The most important thing for him will be to recover well and come back strong again. "MotoGP riders agree: risk can not be turned off Criticism on too dangerous training methods, as after accidents like that of Rossi repeatedly sprouts, Marquez can not understand. He, too, is often confronted with this. "I often read," Why do you drive a motorcycle? "This is too dangerous, but that is part of the job, and you'd rather relax on the beach, but you will not get any better. , explains the Spaniard. Violations could happen always and everywhere. "Even when cooking – as with Cal", Marquez refers to his MotoGP colleague Cal Crutchlow, who recently cut himself with a kitchen knife so deep in the fingers that he even had to go to the hospital. On the motorcycle, the LCR Honda pilot does not train off the race weekends. "I'm not thinking about it," says Crutchlow, "but that's my point of view, and I fully understand why the others are driving, and football or tennis players do not do it in their sport "I do not want to drive, but the risk is not a reason," the Briton continued, joking, "If I did not want to risk anything, I would also avoid the kitchen." In Misano, Crutchlow has to ride with a rail after his household crash.Vinales: "The level is extremely high – you have to train" Beside him also the other MotoGP pilots take part for the injured Rossi. "We have to train with other motorbikes because we do not have much opportunity to test MotoGP," explains Dovizioso. "You have to be fit, and the result is that you have to take risks, of course you have to try to keep it low, but if you want to improve, you have to push." ​​Rossi's team colleague, too Vinales says: "It's impossible to keep fit if you're just hanging out on the sofa, you have to be active, go on biking, ride bicycles or do similar things, there's always a risk, but if you want to be fit , you have to deal with it, of course you try to minimize it, but the level in MotoGP is extremely high, you have to train to be able to fight. "


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