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Valentino Rossi: Mental pain is worse than the leg

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Sports

September 7, 2017 – 8:16 pm
For the first time after his accident, Valentino Rossi talks about the injury and reveals when he wants his MotoGP comeback – situation makes him mentally

Valentino Rossi would love to return to Aragon

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(cafetheology.org) – How is Valentino Rossi following his motocross accident and the OP? Finally, the MotoGP star announced the Yamaha team that he had already begun with a light physiotherapy, but should not be allowed to overthrow because his injury needed rest and time. Now, the Italian 'MotoGP.com' gave an interview and revealed how his physical fitness is ordered and when he expects to be able to return. But first Rossi explains how it could come to the next serious accident. "I've been driving with my Enduro, and my friends have been there to make a tour of the Urbino hills, which is something I have been doing since I was 18, together with my father, for a very long time "says the 38-year-old. "In a downside, I was very slow, I hit a stone, I lost control of the steering and held my foot out, not to overthrow, but it was downhill and the whole weight of the motorcycle shifted to my leg – and it broke, "Rossi looks back at the misfortune. At the same time, the right leg and the right leg of the calf were caught. Still the following night the Italian was successfully operated.Comeback in Aragon? "It will be very difficult." The leg, incidentally, which he broke in Mugello during the 2010 MotoGP training session – although he feels good overall, Rossi describes his current state of health. Much worse is his mental condition: "It is a big, great disgrace, because I have not only lost the chance for the World Cup, but I miss my home Grand Prix in Misano before all the fans and I have to apologize to my team "Of course, the Yamaha driver, currently fourth in the world, wants to return as soon as possible. But Rossi knows from experience how long such an injury can be. Seven years ago, he had to pause three races. "In this phase you have to live from day to day," he says. "It's the leg and the pain, we're working on an early comeback, the next race to Misano is Aragon, but that's going to be very difficult." The "doctor" would have to be fit again just 22 days after his accident , "This is only three weeks, we need twice or at least 40 days, but last time I came back after 40 days, but this time the fracture is better, less painful, but it is still too early, if I can not do it in Aragon , I will try it in Motegi, "promises Rossi. A total of six MotoGP races are still available. The Italian is aware of his training methods. "We're motorcycle riders, the best training is to ride a motorcycle, but it's dangerous, sometimes more, sometimes less, and I've been twice this year before Mugello, so we have a different path Find." The time will probably show how that should look. His MotoGP colleagues defended the private training.


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