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Valentino Rossi admits: "Look at Folgers data"

Thursday, August 31st, 2017 | Sports

31 August 2017 – 14:36
The strong performance of the Tech 3 rookies put Valentino Rossi under pressure: The routiner uses mainly the data records of Jonas Folger for comparison

Valentino Rossi congratulates Jonas Folger at the Germany Grand Prix

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(cafetheology.org) – In the Yamaha camp, the strong performance of Johann Zarco and Jonas Folger was not a big confusion. With the heaters, the customer's Yamaha were mostly stronger than the highly-traded World Championship candidates from the factory. Valentino Rossi made a return to the previous model from the start. Now, the "doctor" confessed, however, that he would like to take a closer look at what Zarco and Folger do in a quiet minute. "Sometimes I also look at the data of the Tech-3 drivers because I like to understand everything correctly "" I'm more focused on Folger's data when he's fast, I can better compare to him, because his driving style is more like me. "" They're a nightmare for us, because they're followers and Zarco are strong with the old machine under all conditions, "jokes the Italian, who knows the 2016er-M1 very well. In the previous year he secured the Vizetitel. "I think the old bike is working very well, Zarco and followers are fresh, they come from Moto2 and are strong riders, it's difficult to beat them," Rossi said.



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