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US government sends "Irma" aircraft carrier

Friday, September 8th, 2017 | World News

The US government is sending several warships off the coast of Florida to help deal with the consequences of the cyclone "Irma". The marshal order was given, among other things, to the aircraft carrier "Abraham Lincoln".

They are to be accompanied by two more ships equipped with extensive logistical equipment and a destroyer. According to the Navy, the ships are equipped to provide medical assistance, to ensure communication and to ensure air transport. It is expected that "Irma" will meet on Sunday in Florida with wind speeds of 240 km / h on the US mainland.

Hundreds of thousands fled before the storm
In the state, hundreds of thousands of residents fled the hurricane. On the two highways along the coasts of Florida, on Friday, bumper-brakes on endlessly seeming autocolls slowly moved northwards.

  In some places the fuel at the petrol stations was scarce, because the people hovered in anticipation of the hurricane as a precaution. The government therefore abolished a legal regulation whereby only tankers under US flag fuel could supply fuel from one American port to another, as the White House's Home Secretary, Tom Bossert, said. One is concerned about the benzine nap.

Six-meter waves on Cuba's coast
The hurricane had already raged heavily on several Caribbean islands in the past few days and killed at least 18 people. On Friday he reached Cuba and caused the first flooding there.

 The aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln is to help with the consequences of the hurricane "Irma". (Source: Juan A. Cubano / US Navy via ZUMA Wire / dpa)

While the center of the cyclone raged more than 350 kilometers east of the coast of the Cuban coast, the waves of waves whisked by the storm of the century hit the coast of the Caribbean island at a height of up to six meters. Flooding occurred in cities in the eastern provinces of Guantanamo and Holguin.

Foreign tourists evacuated
On the north coast, 10,000 foreign tourists were brought to safety. The National Hurricane Center of the USA (NHC) predicted that "Irma" would move from Cuba to the Bahamas and then to Florida.

Hurricane On a highways to the north, the vehicles stow away in Florida. (Source: Mike Stocker / South Florida Sun-Sentinel / AP / dpa)

The governor, Rick Scott, directed a dramatic warning to the citizens: All 20.6 million residents of the federal state must be prepared to leave their "residential areas" soon. "Irma" is "bigger than our entire state," said Scott. "This storm is powerful and deadly."

A storm of "epic proportions"
For several coastal regions of Florida and the neighboring state of Georgia Georgia, the authorities had already ordered obligatory evacuation in the past few days.

The satellite photo shows Irma on the way to Florida (left above). (Source: Nasa / Reuters)

US President Donald Trump appealed to the citizens to follow the recommendations and orders of the authorities. "Irma" is a storm of "epic proportions" and perhaps the largest "we've ever seen," warned Trump in Short Twitter. However, the evacuation was made more difficult by the fact that in many places already the gasoline became scarce.

Spooky rest in Miami Beach
The US hurricane center "Irma" on Friday to the second highest level 4 back, called the storm but still "extremely dangerous". The meteorologists warned that the storm could whip up to eight meters of high waves and cause severe flooding.

In the famous beach resort and party scene Miami Beach, the town was dominated by frightful frights on Friday. Many shop windows were covered with plywood. On some boards were graffiti sayings like "Say No to 'Irma'" or "You're not afraid to read 'Irma'".

Trace of devastation in the Caribbean
In large parts of the Caribbean, the storm had previously left a broad trail of destruction. At least four people were killed on the American Virgin Islands, another two in the US external tribe of Puerto Rico.

The settlement Bitter End on the British Virgin Islands is completely destroyed. (Source: Caribbean Buzz Helicopters / Reuters)

There were at least nine death sacrifices in the Caribbean regions of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, which belonged to France. Seven other people were missing, French Interior Minister Gérard Collomb said. Two people were killed by "Irma in Sint Maarten, the Dutch part of Saint-Martin, one on Barbuda.

Reports of looting
The governments of the Netherlands and France lamented plundering in their Caribbean outer areas. "The situation is serious," said Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in the face of theft on Sint Maarten. His government sent additional policemen and soldiers. The French overseas minister Annick Girardin also lamented plundering and announced the deployment of 400 policemen.

While the aid measures started on the devastated Caribbean islands, new hurricanes were emerging. The NHC ranked "José", which follows "Irma" on the same path, to the category 4. Also "Katia" started up and was upgraded to category 2. "Katia" This storm hit another path and moved to the Mexican east coast.


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