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Unsportsmanlike fans in Misano: Marc Marquez gets angry

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 | Sports

12. September 2017 – 06:04

Marc Marquez does not agree with the reaction of the fans in Misano

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(cafetheology.org) – Like in Fuball there are also rivaling camps in the MotoGP. Although nine-time world champion Valentino Rossi had to forego a start at his home race in Misano during the weekend, the tribunes were mostly yellow. The "Vale" camp was unmanageable – and untouchable. On the track of the more than 96,000 fans on the track, the Spaniard Marc Marquez won the race on Sunday, overtaking the local hero, Pramac-Ducati driver Danilo Petrucci, in the very last lap. The success was the result. World champion Marquez was disappointed with the unsporting behavior of the Italian fans. Because it was not only at the podium ceremony after the race buzzing in the direction of the Honda pilot to hear. When the Spaniard rushed in the morning in the warm-up on a wet track, the audience cheered. Marquez responded in the usual relaxed manner with Ksschen in the crowd. The 24-year-old had a clear message for the addendum of the number 46 after the race in the press conference: "This makes me honestly really sad, on the podium I can still "As a MotoGP pilot, he goes to the limit and risk his life, he can." "I do not understand," he said, "but I do not understand at any time, Marquez wants to make his point of view understandable. "I hope that in the future at least my fans will not do that with any driver, if someone is striking." Marquez was already a negative one because of his behavior at the 2015 season finale Image in Italy when he obviously did not attack Jorge Lorenzo and so Rossi was denied the tenth World Championship title. He did not experience booing in Italy for the first time last Sunday. Already in Mugello 2016, the Italian fans left their Spanish drivers behind the failure of Rossi by a motor damage. At the time Lorenzo won before Marquez.Schon last year, Rossi called on his followers to respect all pilots: "It is important that the fans do not drive it – in motorcycle sport as well as in other sports." "Last year, Marquez had both Petrucci and Andrea Dovizioso on home ground (To the race report!) And thus equaled in the World Championship with the Ducati pilots. In two weeks in Aragon, Marquez will be welcomed in Spanish territory.


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