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Unit electronics: Aprilia advantage? – Motorcycle at Motorsport-Total.com

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | Sports

04. September 2017 – 11:41

Milwaukee-Aprilia is not afraid of a uniform electronic control

© Milwaukee Aprilia

(cafetheology.org) – The introduction of a uniform electronics in the Superbike World Championship is only a formality. The drivers and teams assume that from the season 2019 with a unit ECU by Magneti Marelli and a corresponding software is driven. As with all rule changes, there are advocates and critics. Some drivers like Tom Sykes are annoyed that the development in the WSBK continues to decrease. But there are also teams who are looking forward to the unit electronics. "We do not know the details yet," commented Milwaukee-Aprilia-Teamchef Mick Shanley in conversation with Motorsport -Total.com '. "It is unclear what level it will have, what it will cost and how much work will be needed to run the package." All manufacturers will have to invest money to adapt the system nothing agreed, then one can better assess the situation, but it could be a great help. "Through the experience from the British Superbike Championship, Milwaukee does not worry too much. "As a team, we have experience in a championship with a single ECU, and the BSB system works well, but here we need a more complex electronics with more possibilities, but it must not be too complicated, because then the small ones have Teams do not have enough resources to work with it, "warns the Aprilia teammanager. According to Shanley, the BSB electronics would not be an option for the WSBK. In the United Kingdom, electronic controls such as traction control have been used for years. "I do not think it's the right way, but in a national championship it's okay to some point, but you have to be aware of the routes in the BSB," says Shanley.

Does the WSBK receive a unit electronics on the MotoGP level?

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"Aside from Donington, Silverstone and Assen, they are driven on small, narrow and wavy tracks, with less power and a technical package that is easier to use and drive "The Milwaukee Manager is convinced, and how big is the difference between a BOD bike and a BODY bike a WSBK machine? "Difficult to say, I'd estimate 20 to 25 horsepower in between," he muses. "It does not sound so much when you look at this single figure, but it's the way a World Cup engine works, it has a completely different character, it is much more sharp and difficult to handle than a motor with a flatter torque curve. "


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