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Understanding for the Rookie: Why Lance Stroll Floats

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | Sports

16. September 2017 – 22:34

Lance Stroll does not have it as a rookie in Singapore

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(cafetheology.org) – On rain usually follows sunshine – not so with Lance Stroll. The Williams rookie in Singapore just pays a lot of apprenticeship. In Monza still the celebrated qualifying hero, it went for him on the famous road only in the penultimate starting row. Williams' Technical Director Paddy Lowe shows his understanding. "Lance had to start the race this weekend," he says after qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix. "It's not easy to test it before," he said, "because he had a gear shift, and he had a lot of trouble with the race, which was a steep learning curve." At the Italian Grand Prix, Stoll was second in the race alongside Lewis Hamilton from Startpatz. He was faster than his experienced team mate Felipe Massa in rainy conditions. There are quite different conditions in Singapore: it is hot, it is dark, floodlight flares down. Stroll was slower than Massa on Saturday, seven tenths of a second, "I realized we did not make it out of Q1, so I pushed more and started making mistakes," he says. "If the car is not competitive and you're still trying to get something out of it, then it's going to be a bit of a back-up, and that's what happened in today's race "As a rookie at the tender age of only 18 years, the Canadians are more likely to forgive their mistakes. However, research on causes still needs to be done. It should not be on the line. "There is a lot of challenges in physics, but physically it is difficult with the heat and because the whole lap is busy, but I would not say it is much more difficult here than on other routes." The lack of experience could be more come to fruition. Stroll is in the fortunate position, thanks to his weary father ever private test with older cars can afford to afford. But he does not want to stop any longer with too much training time and training sessions. Even in Monza, where conditions prevailed, which Stroll really could not have wished for, he beat blindly – and with success. "In Monza we wanted to provide him with an additional tire set for training on Saturday," Lowe says , "But he said, 'I'd better save it for qualifying.'"


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