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UN report: North Korea bypasses international sanctions

Sunday, September 10th, 2017 | World News

According to a UN report, North Korea is increasingly deviating from international sanctions imposed on the country. Pyongyang continues to bypass the arms embargo, the financial sanctions and the strict sanctions in other areas, according to UN experts.

Pyongyang, for example, circumvents the financial sanctions by agents abroad, who would make financial transactions in the name of "national units". In addition, the foreclosed country continues to export "virtually all products affected by the UN resolutions". In the investigation period from February to August of this year, North Korea had introduced at least $ 270 million (€ 224 million).

China has already been increasingly criticized by the UN
Ninety percent of North Korean exports go to China. In the past, Beijing had repeatedly been accused of not being fully compliant with the UN resolutions against North Korea. Recently, however, Beijing repeatedly assured complete compliance.

  Despite the "most strict targeted sanctions policy in the history of the United Nations," North Korea had "made significant progress in the field of weapons of mass destruction" during the investigation period, "the UN report said.

In 2017 Pyongyang was able to carry out 14 rocket tests, two of which were intercontinental rocket tests. The report was completed before the launch of a North Korean missile in mid-August across Japan and the nuclear test in early September.


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