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UMTS and LTE: Telecom begins mobile communications in the Berlin subway

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Gadgets

Deutsche Telekom is starting the expansion of UMTS and LTE in the Berlin Underground. The onlinemagazine Teltarif.de first reported on an announcement in the support forum of the company. Only the Telef├│nica offers LTE and UMTS. Customers of Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone have to use the GSM network in the subway with very slow mobile internet via GPRS and EDGE.

A customer from Telekom reported in the company's forum: "Between Gneisenaustra├če and Hermannplatz (line U7) as well as between Hermannplatz and Moritzplatz (line U8), I had a strong 3G or LTE reception throughout the entire route, between Kottbusser Tor and Moritzplatz, but only 3G. On some of the route, even Carrier Aggregation was given on 1800 MHz and 800 MHz. "
Of course only the beginning
The company confirmed: "Yes, this section of the route is the first one to be supplied with LTE / UMTS, and other parts of LTE / UMTS will gradually be supplied of course, only the beginning.
According to information from Golem.de the Telekom offers in all subways Germany of a mobile radio supply, only in Berlin not. "Our goal is to provide our customers with the network quality that we are accustomed to in mobile communications in the Berlin subway. We are in talks with the BVG and the two other mobile operators and hope that we will find an economically acceptable agreement next year" , said company spokesman Georg von Wagner Golem.de in December 2016. At that time, Vodafone wanted to expand the "mobile radio network" on the suburban lines of the inner city of Berlin.

The costs for its own expansion are high: According to industry information, the Berlin transport companies (BVG) are to provide rental receivables of 500,000 euros per mobile operator.


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