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U-boat case shocked Denmark: Kimber Wall found

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 | World News

A female journalist wants to write a report about a Danish submarine builder. The submarine is sinking and the woman has disappeared. Eleven days later, her body was found. Dismembered. What exactly happened is still a mystery.

What began in the waters before Copenhagen as a harmless shipwreck has developed into a creepy criminal case. The Swedish journalist Kim Wall, who wanted to write a report about a Danish submarine builder, is dead. Her body has been horribly dismembered. The torso is clearly identified.

The inventor speaks of an accident
The police, on the basis of bloodlines, assume that Kim Wall died aboard the private submarine "Nautilus". This is what the boat owner and suspect Peter Madsen has admitted after his arrest. It was an accident, he said. The "Nautilus" has sunk before Copenhagen – allegedly due to technical problems. What exactly happened, remains a mystery.

  Peter Madsen is known in Denmark as a dazzling personality. He has built three submarines together with his fellow players. The Nautilus is one of the largest self-made submarines in the world at just under 18 meters. Madsen's other hobby is space travel. For years he has been working on the development of rockets. He has a lot of supporters and sponsors.

First suspicion: negligent killing
That the 46-year-old could have killed the reporter intentionally, even the detainee did not believe. When, after the disappearance of Wall on 12 August, the court ordered that Madsen be taken into custody for twenty-four days, the judge spoke of the suspicion of negligent killing.

 Earlier, Madsen had stated that there had been a disaster on board Kim Wall died. He had "buried" his corpse in the water. Everything else was hidden from the public. The case was handled behind closed doors – from consideration of the family of the journalist, was the reasoning.

Extensive search for journalist
In the waters of Copenhagen, visitors were taken to Kim Wall with divers and helicopters. The Danish and Swedish maritime administrations tried to follow the route of the "Nautilus". Other skippers were asked to keep their eyes open. "We were looking for a corpse," said Deputy Police Inspector Jens Møller Jensen on Wednesday. That you could only find a torso, even surprised the investigators.

The journalist Kim Wall wanted to write an article about the inventor Peter Madsen. (Source: TT NEWS AGENCY / Tom Wall / Reuters)

To distinguish the truth from the untruth is not easy for the police in this case. For Peter Madsen has not said the truth from the beginning:

On the evening of August 10, when he left his sinking submarine in Køge Bay, he spoke of a problem with a ballast tank. But when the boat was lifted, the police found evidence that it was intentionally sunk. Because it was full of blood?

Madsen first told the police that he had brought the journalist back to shore after the interview. This statement also proved false. For after the police probed, he admitted: She died aboard the Nautilus.

Did someone want to prevent the corpse?
His statement that he had "buried" her corpse in the sea seems to veil the truth. The police said on Wednesday that the body of Kim Wall was prepared so that he should never reappear. Not only was the head, arms and hands separated. Right-hand physicians found metal parts on the torso, suggesting that they should be pulled down. In addition, wounds were added to the trunk, apparently gases and air could escape. Should the body be prevented from drifting to the surface of the water?

The police had not yet confronted the U-boat builder with the latest findings. Madsens lawyer told the news agency Ritzau that her client was glad that the torso was identified. "He has no other wish than that the case is cleared up and completely illuminated," said Betina Hald Engmark. The founding of the corpse is not inconsistent with his statement that Kim Wall had been killed by an accident.


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