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TV-Streaming: Waipu TV Receives More Recording Memory and Sender Sorting

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | Gadgets

The television streaming service Waipu TV has a number of new features. A long function missed by many users is the sorting of the transmitters. The new sorting option also allows the removal of stations, if they are almost never seen anyway. This increases the overview in the electronic program magazine. If necessary, deleted stations can be added at any time.

Twelve new channels
With a reduced number of stations, the electronic program magazine can react faster on weaker devices, explained Exaring CEO Christoph Bellmer Golem.de. Together with the sorting option, twelve new stations are added. So, Waipu TV customers can also watch CNBC, Health TV, Melody TV, Insight TV, Bible TV, QVC, HSE24, 1-2-3.tv, Xite, Sonnenklar.TV, Chilledge and MTV HD.
For the two paid Waipu TV packages, the recording storage was also increased for existing customers. In the Comfort tariff, the recording time increases from 10 to 25 hours, and in the Perfect rate it is now 100 instead of 50 hours so far. Bellmer assured Golem.de that it can continue to be recorded indefinitely. The customer can only access the recordings of the last 25 or 100 hours. Older recordings are not available but available.
For the broadcasters of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group
The recording function for the stations in the ProSiebenSat.1 group is also activated step by step. The recording function is ready for all stations, but not for all programs. The media company is working on clarifying licensing issues. Since October 2016, Waipu TV customers could not record broadcasts from the broadcasters of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group.

Since March 2017 Waipu TV can be used on the Fire TV devices, so that parallel to Google's Chromecast another possibility exists to get the Waipu TV picture on the TV. According to Bellmer, a third of the Waipu TV customers currently use a Fire TV device to use the service.
App for Apple TV still lasts
Furthermore, an app is planned for the current Apple TV, but there is no new schedule for it. The project was moved back because Waipu TV customers wanted other functions. The market share of Apple TV in Germany is comparatively low, explained Bellmer. Exaring is therefore a cost-benefit analysis and has initially focused on other areas that bring improvements for the provider and more customers.
The special feature of Waipu TV is the technical structure in the background. The Exaring company uses its own fiber optic network to transmit the television content. Exaring helped build up a glass fiber network in Germany several decades ago. As a result, Exaring has reserved its own fiber-optic line, which is now used for Waipu TV. As a result, Waipu TV has access to its own fiber-optic network with a length of 12,000 km.
Tariffs for Waipu TV
Waipu TV is available in three stages. In the Waipu TV package free of charge, the customer receives access to all channels of the public television in SD quality. The pause and recording function is then not enabled. Up to four parallel streams per account are available.
The comfort package costs 4.99 euros per month and contains almost 70 German-language TV channels in SD quality. There is a 25-hour recording time for the Cloud recorder and there is a pause function. The tariff can be tested for 30 days free of charge.
If you want to receive the available TV channels in HD resolution, you can have a HD option for 1 euro a month. The TV channels of RTL and the ProSiebenSat.1 group are not available in HD resolution. For 5 Euro, Waipu TV can also be used on the road via a mobile phone connection.
Together with the HD and mobile options, there is the tariff Perfect for 14.99 Euro per month. The rate also includes a recording time of 100 hours for the Cloud recorder. All tariffs can be canceled monthly. Waipu TV has been part of StreamOn Deutsche Telekom since June 2017, so the streaming of the tariffs is not calculated on the volume of the data flat rate.


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