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TV-Fünfkampf: A hard blow to the refugee policy

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | World News

Sahar Wagenknecht (lr, left), Cem Özdemir (Greens), Christian Lindner (FDP), Joachim Herrmann (CSU) and Alice Weidel (AfD) were part of the TV duel very lively beat exchange. (Source: Bernd von Jutrczenka / dpa)
        "No clear winner", the party expert and electoral investigator Oskar Niedermayer in the five-fight of the small parties in the ARD can recognize. The format with its parforce ride through different topics, however, had made it difficult to compare the political standpoints of the parties. Lindner and Wagenknecht scored points through clear rhetoric. But the rest of the circuit was also convincing.

"This was the big strength of the round: the candidates were not aggressive – not even the AfD. The discussion did not leave the issue," said Niedermayer to cafetheology.org after the discussion. Above all, the FDP's top candidate had used this: "Christian Lindner can make very good differentiations, for example asylum policy." But Sarah Wagenknecht was "very clear and very good" for her clientele.

Lindner called for "robust negotiations"
She had turned against the deportation of well-integrated people for years. "Deporting such people is really inhuman," Wagenknecht said. She also denied deportations to Afghanistan. Lindner, on the other hand, demanded: "He who has no right of residence must return as soon as possible." To do this, there should be "robust negotiations" with countries such as Morocco. With that, he also took a lot of wind from the sails of Alice Weidel, who immediately came to the conclusion. It remained only to pound on the upper limit and border guards.

  Weidel had sometimes "acted as a teacher," even if, contrary to their party colleagues, "he had formulated it quite carefully," said Niedermayer to cafetheology.org. "She obviously lacks the routine and she often did not finish her thoughts." In the case of several of her replies, she also used incorrect figures and figures – for example, she gave the number of people leaving Germany almost three times as high.

630,000 people are required to leave the country from 2015 until today, @Alice_Weidel said in the @morgenmagazin. The number is much too high. #wahlwatch pic.twitter.com/81Rw7l9P52- WDR Current Hour (@aktuelle_stunde) September 3, 2017
Bavaria's Minister of the Interior, Joachim Herrmann (CSU), made it clear that his party does not consider it useful to allow refugees with subsidiary or provisional protection again the currently suspended family immigration. Green-head candidate Cem Özdemir, on the other hand, pointed out the position of the churches that "family sufficiency also makes integration easier".

Do Lindner and Özdemir see themselves in a coalition?
Especially Lindner and Özdemir were praised in the social media for their factual discussion style and for their dealings with each other. "The fact that perception has concentrated on the two has its reason," says Niedermayer. "Both could coalesce with the CDU after the election, possibly even in a Jamaica coalition." According to the AfD and the left, government participation is unlikely.

"It is difficult to predict possible effects for the parties," says Niedermayer. The effects could be significantly more decisive than the TV duel the night before. "Whether Schulz or Merkel are doing better in the TV duel, the choice will not turn, but one or two percentage points can be very important for Greens or FDPs."


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