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Turkey warns citizens before traveling to Germany

Saturday, September 9th, 2017 | World News

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has warned the citizens of the country on their travels to Germany and the Turks living in Germany "caution". In a "travel warning" the ministry provides advice on how Turks should behave in Germany in order not to be jeopardized.

Turks should not allow themselves to "get involved in political debates," says the indications. In addition, Turkish citizens should "stay away from election campaigns of political parties and squares", where rallies or demonstrations organized or sponsored by "terrorist organizations are tolerated by the German authorities".

The "warning of travel" is apparently a reaction of Turkey to the federal government, which took place in the middle of July against the government in Ankara and tightened the travel instructions for Turkey.

SPD chancellor candidate Martin Schulz immediately criticized Turkey:

Turkey is issuing travel warning for Germany. The fact is, in Turkey, journalists are not arrested who say their opinions. – Martin Schulz (@MartinSchulz) September 9, 2017


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