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Turkey orders German ambassador

Sunday, September 17th, 2017 | World News

In Germany, hardly anyone takes notice of the fact that in Cologne Kurds are demonstrating. Very different in Ankara. There, the festival triggers violent reactions under the motto "freedom for Öcalan".

In protest against the event, Turkey quoted the German Ambassador in Ankara to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday. Turkey strongly condemned the event organized by sympathizers of the forbidden PKK and tolerated "that there was terrorist propaganda", the ministry said in a statement. The Foreign Office in Berlin did not respond to the request on demand.

Kurds demand freedom for PKK leaders
At the Kurdischer Kulturfestival in Cologne on Saturday, several thousand people participated. The festival was under the motto "Freedom for Ocalan – a status for Kurdistan". This demanded the release of the leader of the Kurdish Labor Party, PKK, Abdullah Öcalan, who was sentenced to life imprisonment.

  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ankara accused the federal government of "tackling terrorism" with "two dimensions". Although it was forbidden in Germany, PKK symbols were used at the event, Öcalan posters were shown, and a "terror-glaring message was read by one of the present PKK leaders".

The public display of Öcalan portraits, as in Cologne in 2016, has recently been banned in Germany. (Source: Archivbild / Oliver Berg / dpa)

 The PKK has been banned in Germany since 1993 as a terrorist organization. Recently, the public display of Öcalan portraits has been prohibited. After a demonstration of tens of thousands of Kurds against the Turkish government policy in Frankfurt in March, the police had subsequently initiated investigations. "We had not been involved during the demonstration to avoid escalation," a police officer explained. In such a case, the rule "security against prosecution" applies.


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