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"Trumps words are a national disgrace"

Friday, August 18th, 2017 | World News

The former CIA chief John Brennan has complained in harsh words about President Donald Trump. "Mr. Trump's words and the attitudes they represent are a national disgrace," Brennan wrote in a letter to the US TV supporter Wolf Blitzer.

"All Americans who are rational must reject their ugly and dangerous comments," writes Brennan in the letter CNN published on his website. Otherwise, Trump would be endangering the US society and the position of the country in the world. "In his words, Mr. Trump puts our national security and our common future at great risk."

Blitzer's parents are Holocaust survivors
Born in Augsburg in 1948, CNN's presenter, Blitzer, had just mentioned in a broadcast that his four grandparents had died during Nazi rule. His parents had survived the Nazi Auschwitz concentration camp.

  According to his controversial statements on the right-wing violence in Charlottesville, Trump proposes massive criticism from all parts of American society. The former Republican US President George H.W. And George W. Bush warned: "America must always reject racial fanaticism, anti-Semitism, and hatred in any form." And the commanders of the four branches of the US military also raised racism and extremism.

The Situation Room (@CNNSitRoom) August 16, 2017. Read the former CIA director's fullletter to @wolfblitzer here: https://t.co/FqsP3ju0R4 pic.twitter.com/VJFHde6D8B-
Trumps were not explicitly mentioned in these statements, but some politicians and entrepreneurs took no notice. The Republican Senator and Trump critic Lindsey Graham, accused the President of splitting the country rather than reconciling it. Many Republicans would oppose the idea that "the party (Abraham) Lincolns rolls out the red carpet of the David Dukes of this world." Duke is a former leader of the racist Ku Klux clan.

"Fine people on both sides"
Trump had also blamed the counter-demonstrators for the escalation in Charlottesville last Saturday, and on Monday condemned all violence by white racists and neo-Nazis, but in a heated tirade before journalists on Tuesday, he reaffirmed his first Presentation. "Some very bad people" would have participated in the demonstration on Saturday. "But there were also people, very fine people, on both sides," he said.

Right-wing groups were deployed on Saturday in Charlottesville to protest the removal of the statue of a confederate generals. But the neo-Nazis, members of the Ku Klux clan and racists, who had already marched on the eve of the night, were also chanting slogans like "The Jews will not replace us", and they were able to defend themselves with counter-demonstrations. A woman eventually died when a suspected neo-Nazi rammed his car into some of the counter-demonstrators.

Economic consultants resign
In protest against trumps, a number of members of the Economic Advisory Boards of the White House resigned since Saturday, including the heads of Pharmariesen Merck or chip maker Intel. To counter the complete dissolution of the councils, Trump announced over Twitter then itself their closure. "Instead of exerting pressure on the businessmen of the industrial council and the strategy and politics forum, I end up both," he wrote. "Thank you all." However, one of the councilors had previously already decided to dissolve. Trump, with his tweet of the panel's announcement, had only been able to make the decision.

Rather than putting pressure on the businesspeople of the Manufacturing Council & Strategy & Policy Forum, I am ending both. Thank you all! – Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 16, 2017
Twenty-four hours before, Trump had still designated those who had turned his back on his industrialization as a "contender", claiming there were enough others to take their place.

Hundreds of commemorated murdered protesters
In Charlottesville, thousands took leave of Saturday's Heather Heyer. Her mother Susan Bro said at the memorial service that she hoped that the death of the 32-year-old lawyer's assistant was not for nothing, but the beginning of her legacy.

In Charlottesville, hundreds of people with candles of the killed Heather Heyer. (Source: Andrew Shurtleff / The Daily Progress / AP / dpa)

Her father, Mark Heyer, explained that his daughter, Heather, wanted to respect every human being and was convinced that every life counts. She wanted to overcome hatred. Grandfather Elwood Shrader said that Heather had passionately committed himself to justice and had always stood up when she felt something unjust.


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