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Trumps perfidious play with the Obama hatred

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | World News

Donald Trump has a lot on the agenda in terms of domestic politics: he is now on the offensive with the abolition of an Obama regulation. A political chess game on the back of young immigrants.

The political calendar in Washington for September is brimful: wall building, debt ceiling, tax reform – the parliamentarians in deputies' house and Senate have to drill thick boards. President Donald Trump has now added one thing to them – without any hardship: he announced a five-year compromise from his predecessor, Barack Obama, which allows parts of the second generation of illegal immigrants to go to work legally.

A supporter of the "Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals" program (DACA) demonstrates with a sign during a protest action in front of the US Embassy in Mexico City. (Source: dpa)

800,000 people, in 2012 between 15 and 36 years old, are affected. New applications are no longer to be accepted. From 2018, the existing protection is no longer applicable and people can be identified. Even if Trumps spokeswoman Sarah Sanders admits that this is not a priority. The US economy was shocked: well-trained workers could be lost without the prospect of adequate replacement. Mexico was already holding hands. One would find ways to integrate people, it said from there.

Indignation in Washington
An outcry echoed instantly through political Washington. People all over the country went to the streets, Obama spoke up. John McCain, as the 2012 Republican Senator strictly against the Obama program, is now in favor. "I am very much in favor of the fact that children who were illegally brought into the country without their own efforts are now not sent to countries they do not know at all." Much was the talk of American values ​​- no one should be put before the door, if there is no reason for it.

 For Trump it was a decision with a long lead and a lot of calculations. With the completion of the "Dreamer" program he was able to satisfy his slowly crumbling electoral base on the right political edge – after all, the American worker would have to fear less low-wage competition in the future. In addition, Trump can make a decision on the subject with his decision in Congress. And from the conservative spectrum, he reaped much, but not exclusively, rejection.

Trumps decision "inhuman"
By the way, Trump used the immigrant theme to wash his predecessor Obama neatly. The hatred of Obama is probably the smallest common denominator that Donald Trump has still had with his party, the Republicans, after a furious August.

Obama's decision of 2012 was not constitutional, it was directed against right, short-sighted, emotionally parteipolitic charged, it said on the part trumps. In addition, Obama had exceeded his competences. Finally, in the United States laws still make the Congress and not the President. And this congress was to be finally at last, and the whole dilemma should be solved once and for all.

Barack Obama has a significantly different view on the topic: Trumps decision is not only "inhuman", but also an "own goal," Obama wrote on Facebook. For years, he had waited for Congress to finally pass a law that solved the problems of the second generation of immigrants, he wrote on Facebook on Tuesday.

Trump will correct errors
The problem of young people who were brought over the border by their parents as children. Who have no other home country than the US. They do not even speak a language other than English. Had sworn allegiance to the American flag and held up American values. Often they would not even know that they were not Americans on the paper. But the republican-dominated congress could not get through – probably also with regard to upcoming elections.

US Justice Jeff Sessions announces the ending of US President Trump's decision to end a Barack Obama program that protects hundreds of thousands of sons and daughters of illegal immigrants from deportation. (Source: dpa)

The fact that this is now possible, which is to be achieved in the liturgical and chaotic appearance of the Washington political structures, is doubtful. The Republican majority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, immediately praised Trumps, which the strictly conservative Justice Minister Jeff Sessions had previously announced. Obama had bypassed the Congress by allowing 800,000 immigrant children the right to stay and work, McConnells said. "The action of President Trump of today corrects this historical error."

Paul Ryan, chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, saw this somewhat more differently. He hoped for a compromise so that those who could not be guilty could remain. If Ryan's hope were to be true, Trump would have struck several birds with one stone in a perfidious political game: his tantalizingly migrant-hostile electorate, the politically perhaps more influential Obama, and the legally unresolved "Dreamer" Problem legalized. Because: "I have a lot of love for these people," said Trump on Tuesday.


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