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Trump will be blocked on Twitter if he violates rules

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 | World News

Twitter boss Jack Dorsey sees the implementation of the controversial Network Enforcement Act against Onlinehetze as a challenge. He would also block Donald Trump at Twitter.

"I think this is a complicated subject, and we want to make sure that we do not let opinions be silenced, which should be heard."

This could happen if algorithms, but also humans were entrusted with filtering out. "I think it will be difficult to implement this, but we have to follow the rules."

  The new Network Enforcement Act stipulates that networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube must delete clearly criminable content within 24 hours of notice. For unclear cases, a period of seven days is foreseen.

Cooperation of competitors
According to Dorsey, there is a collaboration between Twitter, Facebook and Google in the fight against Hate Speech, even if we are competitors. The companies shared their ideas and profited and learned from each other.

 Dorsey also spoke about the most prominent Twitter user, US President Donald Trump, who had repeatedly been criticized for his controversial short news on the sidelines of the digital fair "dmexco" in Cologne. Dorsey would not be afraid to block Trump's account if he violated the rules of use: "We apply the same rules for each account." But he confined himself: "At the same time, in collaboration with journalists, we question our terms of use when it comes to tweets with news value."

Top politicians to account
The Twitter CEO also said, "We welcome every top politician who uses our service, because it allows the world to call them to account." It is important that we hear directly from the top politicians. "Trump has not changed its Twitter usage since it joined in 2012."

Dorsey had launched Twitter 11 years ago. A mere 330 million people use the service every month. The 40-year-old also stated that his company has no evidence that Russian wire pullers in the US election campaign have bought the short news service to make the atmosphere among Americans. "We have not found any evidence."

Every month, almost 330 million people use Twitter. (Source: ZUMA Press / imago)

Political influence with advertisements
On the other hand, Facebook announced last week that profiles with connection to Russia had bought advertising space on the online network for around 100,000 dollars to interfere with US domestic policy. Some 470 profiles have been identified which would have served around 3000 advertisements between June 2015 and May 2017. It was also known that this was also promoted for demonstrations. Foreign interference in the election campaign is generally prohibited in the US.

Twitter is constantly looking for such activities, stressed Dorsey. "We are constantly monitoring our systems and especially advertising." This is the first time that Twitter has expressed its opinion on the issue.


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