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Trump threatens Venezuela with military use

Saturday, August 12th, 2017 | World News

First North Korea, now Venezuela: US President Trump also threatens the South American country with "military options". Maduro wants to call Trump, but he refuses.

US President Donald Trump, in view of the upheavals in Venezuela, also surprisingly does not rule out a military option. Trump said in his vacation domicile in Bedminster (New Jersey) addressed to the topic, "We have many options for Venezuela, including a military, if necessary." It was not immediately clear what Trump meant by this, for a classification of his utterances remained.

The US government is not aware of any military plans or even more specific considerations on Venezuela. Trump called the situation in the country with the largest oil reserves in the world "chaos, a very dangerous chaos and a sad situation."

  Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino reacted indignantly, calling Trumps words "a crazy act, an act of extremism." In the first place, he would defend the sovereignty of Venezuela. In social media in South America, the words Trumps were hotly debated and criticized: because they can strengthen Maduro, which draws much backing from the alleged threat of "imperialism" and accuses the opposition in his country of overthrowing plans with the US.

Trump makes calls for a call
However, Maduro had previously announced to talk to Trump. "Are you not interested in talking to Venezuela, here I am," Maduro had said on Thursday in a speech to the controversial constitutional assembly, which, as a superintendent, has paralyzed the opposition-dominated parliament. He then asked for a phone call with Trump.

 As the White House communicated, however, this had been rejected. "President Trump will be happy to speak with the Venezuelan leader as soon as democracy is restored in this country," the statement said. The US demanded respect for the Constitution, free and fair elections, the release of political prisoners and an end to the repression against the people. Maduro is accused of the conversion to a dictatorship, in protests more than 120 people died.

Venezuela on the brink of ruin
For Maduro the rejection and publication of the unusual process is embarrassing, because it makes him stand as a petitioner. Despite all the differences, the US is the most important buyer of oil, without exports to the US threatening the state slump. According to the current oil price, the US is importing oil from the country at the edge of the ruin for around ten billion dollars a year.

Maduro initially had better relations with Trump than under predecessor Barack Obama. The oil company Citgo, which belongs to the Venezuelan state group PDVSA, donated even 500,000 dollars for the suicide trumps at the Washington Capitol.

But since then relations have deteriorated. Trump publicly took the party for the opposition leader Leopoldo López, who was condemned to a long prison sentence, and received his wife Lilian Tintori in the White House. Venezuelan vice president Tareck El Aissami was fined – he was publicly accused of the involvement in cocaine trade on a grand scale.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had recently emphasized that no option with regard to Venezuela was excluded, but it was more about the import stop for oil from Venezuela. Against now more than 20 persons of the leadership elite were imposed sanctions, also against Maduro. Possible assets and accounts to which US authorities have access are frozen, US citizens are prohibited from doing business with those on the list.

Venezuela is increasingly isolated in South America
The situation has become more acute since the installation of the linguistically constitutive assembly. This body, which Maduro called "the General Assembly", reminds us of sham parishes in communist systems. First, the critical general attorney-general Luisa Ortega was deposed. And Maduro has proposed to the Assembly a law providing prison sentences of up to 25 years for political crimes. It could be used in the processing of protests – and above all opposition politicians. Repeatedly, Maduro spoke of reserved prison cells.

US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin had emphasized: "President Maduro has sworn this illegitimate constitutional assembly to further consolidate his dictatorship." Maduro is the fourth state to have been fined by the US, according to Kim Jong Un (North Korea), Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe) and Bashar al-Assad (Syria).

In addition, the diplomatic tensions in South America are exacerbated. Peru expelled the Venezuelan ambassador. As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced, Ambassador Diego Molero had five days to leave the country. Lima accuses Caracas of breaking the democratic order. The answer came immediately: Carlos Rossi, currently the top Peruvian diplomat in Venezuela, must also leave within five days. Perus President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski was described as "enemy of the fatherland".

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