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Trump feeds the Democrats with a "Dreamer deal"

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 | World News

Whether "Dreamer" children or tax reform: US President Trump is increasingly looking for cross-party support for his projects. For this he appears to be willing to compromise. Or not? Trump has now denied a deal with the Democrats.

The Democrats have agreed, according to US President Donald Trump, to quickly adopt a law to protect young immigrants from deportation. In addition, a package for securing the borders was to be worked out – but this does not include a wall, the democratic factional heads Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer after a meeting with Trump.

White House: Constructive conversation with Pelosi and Schumer
The background is the so-called "Daca" program. This had given a provisional protection status to a hundred thousand young people who had illegally immigrated to the United States as children with their parents. It kept them from expulsion and gave them a work permit. Trump had decided a week ago to end the program. However, he accepted a six-month deadline. He called on the Congress to find a new regulation during this period.

From the White House in the evening, Trump had had a very constructive conversation with Schumer and Pelosi. It was about tax reform, border safety, the Daca program, infrastructure and trade, explained one employee. Trump was concerned about non-partisan solutions, the conversation had been a positive step forward in this respect.

Shoulder closure already in household
The government was looking forward to continuing the talks with leading party members from both sides. Trump had already been together last week with Schumer and Pelosi to settle the household dispute temporarily.

 Then came the surprising turn-around in the Trump style via Twitter: "There was no deal about Daca last night," he wrote in the short-term news service in the early Thursday morning (local time). In order to reach a consensus, one must first agree on a "massive border protection", he added. "That would be the subject of a vote." In addition, the wall on the border with Mexico is being further developed.

After the talks on Wednesday, Trump reiterated his demand for a general reduction in corporation tax for US companies to 15 percent. This step is imperative to restore the competitiveness of the US economy. Domestic companies in particular are hoping for clear relief from the reform. The tax reform is regarded as Trumps' central election campaign.

  At the same time, he emphasized that even higher burdens for good earners were possible. The rich "will not benefit from this plan at all," said Trump. A consultant Trumps said afterwards that it was not about tax increases, but by lower deductions.


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