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Trial of murder of student in Freiburg begins

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | World News

On Tuesday starts the trial against the allegedly from Afghanistan suspects Hussein K. – he is accused of murder and heavy rape. The refugee status of the suspect caused special excitement among the population.

He was attacked, choked and raped in the night of 16 October, according to Maria L.'s prosecutor's office. After that he was supposed to have taken his unconscious victim in the river Dreisam, where she had drowned. The prosecution accuses Husein, therefore, of killing the young woman "insidiously and to the satisfaction of sex drive".

Prosecutor convicted of attempted murder
After being arrested, however, it was mainly the excitement that caused the suspect to be registered as an asylum seeker in Germany at the end of 2015, and had been released from detention in Greece shortly before that. He served them there because of attempted murder of a woman. Excited debates on refugee policy and international cooperation were the consequences.

  Now on Tuesday before the regional court begins the legal processing of the case. Negotiations are taking place in front of the Court of First Instance. The exact age of the defendant is, however, unclear. He himself gave this at the age of 17, according to the conviction of the court, he was at least 19 years old at the time of the crime. He is therefore legally in any case as a hereditary and therefore publicly negotiated. The prosecutor's office assumes that he was already likely to have grown up.

Age of the accused plays a decisive role
The age of the defendant is likely to play a decisive role in the trial because the possible punishment depends on it. Even adolescents who are already 18 but not yet 21 years old can be condemned according to youth criminal law. For this the court must consider that a defendant at the time of the crime was equal to a juvenile after his development.

 Whatever law is applied, has a considerable influence on the offense. In adult criminal law, a life sentence is punishable by imprisonment, a term of imprisonment of up to ten years for juvenile offenders, or a heredity with a special severity of the guilt of 15 years.

Parents appear as an adjunct
The parents of Maria L. are adjunct to the proceedings. They wanted to make their contribution "that the State of the Law fully enacts and appropriately prosecutes the act on our daughter," they said about their lawyer "Focus Online".

As a matter of fact, they do not wish to comment on the offense, the accused and the discussion on the criminality of refugees. It is also unclear whether they will be sitting in the courtroom on Tuesday or on other negotiation days. By mid-November, the trial has already been terminated, 45 witnesses and ten experts have been invited.


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