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Trevor Carlin: Lando Norris the best I've ever seen

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | Sports

06. September 2017 – 10:17

Lando Norris at the Formula 1 test in Hungary: His sponsors are enthusiastic

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(cafetheology.org) – McLaren talent Lando Norris has brought his Formula 3 season back on track for a small runner to the season, and is currently leading the 2017 European Championship ahead of the German Maximilian Gnther. But the results do not make the spell around him. His frustration is about how he puts his stamp on the championship. Since the start of the second season in Spa-Francorchamps, Norris has once again taken a step, since then he has not been able to slow down. His sponsors swarmed from the 17-year-old. His team coach, Trevor Carlin, who has been looking after drivers like Nico Rosberg, Robert Kubica, Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo or Kevin Magnussen, sees him as the greatest talent he has ever encountered. He says to me, 'cafetheology.org': "He does not remind me of anyone – he's on a level I've never seen before!" Carlin says, "He impressed me on the first day since I saw him and he's been doing it every day, every time he drives a car, he's impressed me a lot, never has a bad day and is the fastest driver every time. In the Formula 3 European Championship there are still three races with three races each.

Is Nyck de Vries still available in the McLaren program? Boullier decides

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The next step has already been planned by McLaren. However, unlike Red Bull, the British team wants to hold on to the classic ladder and bring Norris into Formula 2 as Zak Brown explains: "He's fast enough to drive in Formula One, but we have to give him time who is undoubtedly our next star, but we are not yet planning to place him in another Formula One team. " Norris had won a Formula One test with McLaren in Hungary. McLaren currently has numerous drivers under contract. As well as Vandoorne, who has made it into Formula One, Norris and Nyck de Vries are lucky enough to take their chances. For the latter, it could be narrowed by Norris's rapid ascent. The Dutchman is currently racing in Formula 2 and has so far won a reverse grid race in Monaco. "He's doing a lot of simulator work for us and is doing very well", Brown defends him. It also stresses that a decision for 2018 had not yet been adopted. Eric Boullier is responsible for the junior program. The fate of the third McLaren-Zgling, Nobuharu Matsushita, however, should be tightly linked to that of Honda. The Japanese has been stuck in the Formula 2 for three years without really making the breakthrough.


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