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Track Limits: FIA sets rules for drunk drivers

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | Sports

September 16, 2017 – 14:29
Before the Singapore Grand Prix, an amendment was made to the guidelines for the track limits – victims of abduction maneuvers can go back directly

The bollard of horror does not apply to depressed Formula 1 pilots


(cafetheology.org) – If you are driven down, you do not have to drive an extra chicane: the FIA ​​has, after consultation with the drivers, the instruction, which regulates the behavior when you slip out in curve 2. Drivers pushed by another car off the track do not have to travel around a polystyrene block, which is built on the outside in curve 3. Drivers who have not driven by themselves are allowed to return to the track immediately, provided they have no advantage. Initially, Charlie Whiting did not make any exceptions: If you slip off the track in the slight right turn, around the block, which means a large time loss. Several drivers had expressed doubts as this would be an invitation for Divebomb maneuver in turn 1. If you had pushed the opponent out there, it would have forced this around the block. After the driver's discussion on Friday, the instruction has been changed. The following sentence adds to the rule: "A driver who has been pushed off the track in turn 2 and is unable to drive the track correctly does not need to move past the red and white Styrofoam block that he has been driven off the track and has not made any progress. "



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