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Toto Wolff: Mercedes in Singapore is not the favorite

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | Sports

06. September 2017 – 13:22

Toto Wolff is in Singapore with a strong headwind for Mercedes

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(cafetheology.org) – Despite the victory of Mercedes in the Formula 1 races at Spa and Monza, Teamchef Toto Wolff is looking a bit worried at the upcoming race in Singapore. Lewis Hamilton took the lead in the drivers' evaluation after his summer break. Top-rider Sebastian Vettel had no chance in his Ferrari to keep up with the Mercedes-Boliden.Da Ferrari however on stretches, which need a lot of downforce, has an advantage over Mercedes, a change in the forces is expected in Singapore. The German is considered an absolute favorite for the win. The characteristics of the track are mainly characterized by the narrow curves, which is why a vehicle that generates pressure is a big advantage – perfect for the new Ferrari. In addition, Mercedes has no good memories of Singapore: the racing team had to deal with considerable difficulties there in 2015. Mercedes-Sportchef Wolff says: "In the past, we did not really shine in Singapore, so we were very happy when we were there but we know that it will not be a simple weekend for us, but certain characteristics of the tracks will fit in with our car and some will not "" We believe in solving the problem, it's about understanding the car and learning how to ride as many kilometers down as you can to learn more about the vehicle , But I expect a much more difficult weekend than in Silverstone, Spa or Monza. "The past weeks have shown t that Mercedes, especially in very slow corners, has great problems with keeping up with the competition. In Spa, for example, this was apparent in the La Source curve. "With the new vehicle, we still have to find a way to carry out the best possible simulation so that we can get a result that correlates strongly with the results on the track," says Wolff. "In Spa, we were very strong and pace in some sectors in the race was very high, but we had trouble with the downforce, the braking stability, the vertex stability and the traction no problems in the slower passages of the track. "


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