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Toto Wolff challenges weather service provider Meteo France

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Sports

05. September 2017 – 13:31

Toto Wolff was not satisfied with the weather forecast on the weekend

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(cafetheology.org) – The rain in the qualifying session of Monza surprised the one or the other in the Formula 1 driver's camp – including Mercedes-Teamchef Toto Wolff. The Knigsklasse has its own weather service provider. Between 2014 and 2016, UbiMet took over this task, and since then the French service Meteo France has been the order of the day. However, the new provider, who was already involved in Formula One, is now criticized. "It was yesterday, it would rain all day, and then it was sunny all day dry … ", Toto Wolff rebelled during the interruption of the qualifying on Saturday at the microphone of 'Sky' and explained that the situation was" not quite ideal ". "Maybe you have to think about whether this is the right way," said the Austrian. Do you mean that Meteo France is the wrong supplier for Formula One? He does not speak openly, but some of his statements indicate this. "Just like that, you have to think about whether you can do it again, to make your own weather frog with equipment", he explains, for example, to the question of whether to put his own "wetterspione" on the track again in the future -Teamchef Gnther Steiner hit a similar score at the weekend. "Yesterday we were told that today the sky would fall down, and how much did we actually see from the rain?" "Nothing," said the South Tyrolean on Saturday. rude for Meteo France: Already at the race before in Spa there were problems. Since the rain monitor, which one of the teams available, again and again misfires.Force India defends the French however. "There was no weather forecast on Saturday," explains technician Andy Green at the request of 'cafetheology.org'. After all, the Mallya team does not just rely on Meteo France, but also has its own, independent supplier. "One is not better than the other," Green says, "It's nature, how can you be angry?"


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