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Toto Wolff: Bottas to keep is a clear thing

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | Sports

01 September 2017 – 22:02
Motorsportchef Toto Wolff suggests that Mercedes will continue with Valtteri Bottas in 2018: the signature is only a formal

Valtteri Bottas will also probably be on the list of Mercedes in 2018

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(cafetheology.org) – All topcockpits are occupied for 2018. All? Well, except for one. Although the circumstances for Motorsportchef Toto Wolff are actually clear, Mercedes Valtteri Bottas has not confirmed for the coming season. "It is a clear matter for the team to continue with Valtteri," Wolff emphasizes on Friday in Monza. "Within the team, the dynamic between drivers is very important to get the best results." The chemistry seems to be right between Lewis Hamilton and the Finn. Bottas does not have any problems with the team, and Hamilton has even left him in third place voluntarily. "Bottas is also happy with the silver arrows to the satisfaction of Wolff:" He had very good moments like Sochi, but he also had more difficult races as in Spa, but we are not manic depressed, "emphasizes the Austrian. "Stability is important, we want to keep him in the team", Wolff does not consider any other options for 2018. But if all the other top-flight drivers are already bound for the coming season, why is Mercedes getting so long with the contract extension of the Finn? Are you still speculating on another driver? Wolff says, "It's just about the contractual situation – the lashing and the signature. Hopefully we can do that."


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