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Total solar eclipse in the US "was incredibly beautiful"

Monday, August 21st, 2017 | World News

In parts of the USA, the day has become a night: A total eclipse of the sun went off from the west on the east coast of the country on Monday. Donald Trump, however, did not enjoy the total darkness.

The rare natural drama inspired millions of people in those 14 US states that were darkened by the moon's core shadow. It was the first solar eclipse in 99 years, which was seen in the USA from coast to coast.

The rare natural drama began on the west coast in the state of Oregon. There, from 9:05 am (local time, 6:05 pm CEST), the sky darkened slowly, because the moon shifted to the sun. When, at 19.16 (CEST), the Earthtrabant sat completely in front of the sun and catered for darkness on the earth, numerous people applauded and applauded the phenomenon in the open.

  The core shadow of the moon then traveled across the US towards the east coast, where the eclipse of the eclipse ended 90 minutes later at 20.48 hrs (CEST) in the state of South Carolina. In a strip of about 110 kilometers between the west and the east coast, the sun eclipse temporarily caused total darkness. Millions of citizens have been feverish for the heavenly event for days.

"It was incredibly beautiful, I am close to tears"
Alone in South Carolina with its five million inhabitants two million heavenly observers were expected. In the city of Charleston, thousands of heavenly observers stood on the street. "It was incredibly beautiful, I'm close to tears," the resident Heather Riser described her feelings at the spectacle.

 The bars of the city have been drinking alcohol since the noon. Charleston was already raving on tourists in the weekend. "Since Friday night the hell is going on here," said Barbesitzer Chaz Wendell. "This is probably our best weekend of the year." Special glasses for a safe view of the darkened sun were sold out in many places or only at astronomical prices. Flying traders offered solar eclipse t-shirts and pins. "It is the journey of my life" said the touristwoman Deirdre Duignan from Ireland to her solar eclipse trip to Oregon to the US west coast.

Nick Willder and Sarah Boylan from Nottingham, England, had planned their trip to the United States to end in Charleston on Monday. Twice the two had previously tried to see solar eclipses – both attempts in England and China were rainy.

Trump saw only partial darkness
US President Donald Trump did not benefit from the complete solar eclipse. He followed the spectacle from the White House. Together with First Lady Melania, his daughter Ivanka and several members of the Cabinet, the President watched the spectacle from the Truman balcony as seen on television. All wore special goggles. In the US capital Washington, however, there was only a partial darkness, in which the sun was obscured by 81 per cent of the moon. First Daughter Ivanka had previously posted on Twitter a Selfie with goggles and wrote: "Remember to put on your glasses."


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