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Toro Rosso: Sean Gelael runs four times on Formula One Friday

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 | Sports

August 29, 2017 – 9:36 am
Formula 2 driver Sean Gelael is allowed to take part in the free practice of the Formula 1 on four occasions for Toro Rosso this season – Teamchef praises test driving

Sean Gelael still receives four free trainings in 2017

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(cafetheology.org) – Toro Rosso is putting a new pilot into the car in 2017 – and that is not Pierre Gasly! Instead, the Indonesian Formula 2 driver Sean Gelael gets a few exits in the STR12 this season. Gelael – by the way, not a Red Bull Junior – is allowed to participate in four Friday sessions and will be in the car in Singapore, Malaysia, the USA and Mexico. "This is a tremendous opportunity," the 20-year-old jubilates, with the Indonesian offshoot of a chicken fast food chain, who wanted to take over Manor Manor before the season, A potent donor in the background. "It is an honor for me to go in Formula 1. I will use the opportunity to absorb everything like a sponge and learn as much as I can." Sportily, however, Gelael does not break trees in Formula 2. With only three points out of 16 races, the Arden driver is only on the 20th overall, although he is already in his third season, one is half the year 2015 with. "During the tests in Bahrain and Hungary, Sean performed very well and helped the team in a very professional way To provide engineers with useful feedback, he took a mature approach, "emphasizes the Austrian. "Everyone in the team was impressed by his performance, his technical understanding and his commitment, so we're happy to be doing the first training sessions at the four Grands Prix."



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