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Torgau: AfD supporters abuse Merkel

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | World News

Angela Merkel has been booed and insulted at an election campaign in Torgau, Saxony. The Chancellor responded and recalled the value of democracy and freedom of expression.

At Merkel's election campaign in the afternoon on the city's market, dozens of protestors used whistles and whistles and shouted "Hau ab". Many of them kept up posters of the AfD.

Merkel reacted at the beginning of her performance. She referred to a meeting she had previously had with representatives of the opposition from Venezuela. "They would be happy" if they could express their protests so, the Chancellor said. Germany could be "thankful that we have democracy and free elections today," she added.

The Chancellor had thrown tomatoes on Tuesday at a performance in Heidelberg, but had not been hit directly. Whistling and buh calls had also been given to Merkel's election campaign in Bitterfeld, Saxony-Anhalt a few days ago.


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