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Top news on iTrump, Start-ups in the US, Samsung, Lenovo, Travis Kalanick, Doozer

Friday, August 18th, 2017 | Gadgets

Donald Trump has lost a curious legal dispute. The Immobilientycoon and reigning US President has sued the operator of the App iTrump years ago – because of the possible confusion with his companies. Now the US Patent Office has awarded the rights to the hobby musician and app developer Tom Scharfeld. ITrump is a trumpet app. Here comes the top tech news of the day.

              1. Because of Trump? Founder's location USA becomes unattractive for GermansAfter Donald Trump's entry, the US has become more unattractive as a founder location for the Germans. This is the result of a recent survey commissioned by the digital association Bitkom among more than 250 start-up founders in Germany. On the other hand, the proportion of those who would build up a company here has risen. 2. Doozer secures 3.5 million euros of fresh capitalThe property start-up Doozer has collected 3.5 million euros in another round of financing. With Innogy Ventures, a venture capital investor is also on board for the first time. The Doozer platform, which was founded in 2014, can be used to manage refurbishment and modernization measures in the real estate sector. 3. New Battery Trouble with Samsung's Galaxy SmartphonesCustomers of the electronics giant Samsung have already problems with overheating smartphone batteries. In the US, therefore, a battery recall for the Galaxy Note 4 is caused, as the group confirmed on Thursday. With the debacle around burning batteries with the breakdown smartphone Galaxy Note 7, however, the case can not be compared. 4. Lenovo slips into the red figures The PC manufacturer Lenovo in the first quarter surprisingly slipped into the loss zone. The minus was 72 million US dollars. Above all, the smartphone and server business makes the Chinese group have difficulties. Lenovo had taken over 2014 the smartphone manufacturer Motorola by Google. 5. Ex-Uber-CEO Travis Kalanick rejects allegations of benchmark capitalThe founder and former chief of the service agent translates against the complaint of the large-scale investor benchmark capital to Wehr. The allegations made by the company are part of a public and personal campaign against his person. Benchmark Capital accuses Kalanick of having deliberately deceived investors in order to gain more power in the leadership circle.



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