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Top News on iPhone X, WhatsApp, Digitization, AppleWatch, Bitcoin

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 | Gadgets

          999 USD or 1149 euros costs the new iPhone X – as much as no model of the Apple smartphone before. And although many new features like the OLED display already exist in many competition models. It is, however, to be expected that Apple's disciples will also shell out this astronomical prize. Here comes the most important tech news of the day. 1. Apple concludes with the iPhone X (again) only to the competition.Which Apple expected a smartphone innovation, was disappointed in the yesterday's presentation of the iPhone X. Most novelties of the jubilee gadget – an OLED display, edgeless design, inductive charging – are all installed in the smartphones of the competitors and familiar to many millions of users. Apple closes (again) only to the competition. 2. WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton goes One of the two WhatsApp co-founders, Brian Acton, leaves the short message service. He wanted to establish a foundation at the interface between charity, technology and communication, Acton explained in his Facebook profile on the night of Wednesday. Acton and company manager Jan Koum had founded WhatsApp about eight years ago. 3. The Positions of the Parties on DigitizationDigitalization has now become a major challenge for society and the economy. However, the issue plays hardly a role in the Bundestag election campaign. How do the parties position themselves for digitization? HORIZONT Online has looked at the election programs of the relevant parties and presents their plans for the digital world. 4. Apple donates its computer clock a mobile phone connection. Apple makes its computer clock with a mobile phone connection independent of the iPhone. The third generation of the device launched two and a half years ago can now go directly into the LTE data network. "This was our vision right from the start," said Apple manager Jeff Williams. You should also be able to be reached on the clock under the telephone number of the mobile phone. 5. JP Morgan boss sends Bitcoin down with sharp criticismThe head of the US bank JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon, has criticized Bitcoin sharply. The digital currency was fraud, the rapid rise of the course worse than the tulip bubble in the 17th century and "will not end well." The price of the crypt was slumped according to the statements of the top banker.



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