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Top News on iPhone X, Gigabit Offensive, AppNexus, Spotify, Start-ups in Israel

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | Gadgets

Do you know "Cello"? The Walkie-Talkie app, which allows users to communicate in open chat channels during disasters, is precisely the application of the hour in the US. Because of Hurricane Irma, the app has already been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times. As for the tech world, you can read it here:

              1. Software Leak: Apple Names Its New Smartphone "iPhone X" Just before the Apple keynote on Tuesday, a software leak has given many references to the expected new iPhone. So the new model will carry the name iPhone X, as expected by facial recognition unlock and charge without cable support. This is apparent from the so-called "Golden Master" version of Apple's next mobile operating system iOS 11. 2. Vodafone launches "Gigabit-Offensive" in Germany When it comes to super-fast Internet, Germany occupies only top places in top 100 lists of the countries. According to Vodafone, this should come to an end. The company is announcing the creation of 13.7 million new gigabit connections in Germany over the next four years. This corresponds to about a third of all households in Germany. 3. AppNexus and Zatto replace commercials in real-time TV-streaming service Zattoo and the technology provider AppNexus make a common cause at Programmatic Advertising. In the course of the cooperation Zattoo uses the Supply Side Platform (SSP) from AppNexus. In the future, advertisers will be able to control TV campaigns in real-time, personalized and programmatic. 4. Spotify does not support Safari any more – bad news for anyone using Spotify through Safari. The music streaming service has deleted the support of the Spotify Web Player for the Apple browser, reports Mobilegeeks. The reasons for this decision are not yet known. It is rumored that a Safari plugin for copy protection is no longer considered safe. 5. Video Interview: Why Philips Looks Up for Start-ups in Israel When it comes to start-ups, Tel Aviv plays in the first league world-wide. This is also known by the Philips Group, which is looking for innovative business ideas there. What Philips is expecting from the exchange with the Israeli start-up ecosystem, says Stefano Folli, CEO Philips Italy, Israel and Greece, in the video interview with HORIZONT and Diconium.





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