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Top News on Chatbots, DHDL, Lenovo, iPhone 8, Meg Whitman

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | Gadgets

Our video game hero Super Mario is no longer a plumber. Nintendo's most famous mascot has officially a new resume and spends his time now with sports activities like tennis, football or authors instead of laying pipes. His next big appearance, the former craftsman incidentally in "Super Mario Odyssey", which appears late October for the Nintendo switch. Let's get to the most important tech news at noon.

              1. Most Germans can not start with "Chatbot" -begriffbusinesses are currently driving totally on chatbots. Lufthansa, Zalando, Opel, Jägermeister – they all have integrated such an automatic messenger service into their marketing. However: End users can not start anything with the "Chatbot" concept, according to a recent YouGov study. 2. How Twitter reacts to the 5 start-ups of the new DHDL series Leckeres Eis at home, an invisible display protection for the smartphone and much more: In the first episode of the new season "The Cave of the Lions" have some driving builders yesterday again presented their business ideas. On Twitter, where the Vox format is always very lively live, but not all start-ups came well. An overview of the best reactions. 3. Lenovo renounces dangerous advertising softwareThe world's largest PC manufacturer Lenovo has committed itself against the US supervisory authority, FTC, to forego the installation of program packets in the future, which could endanger the security of the users. On Lenovo's laptops, the "Superfish Visual Discovery", a dangerous commercial software, was preinstalled and linked into a link to reveal additional advertising on websites. 4. Hype around iPhone 8 does not arrive at end users A recent investigation by US investment bank Piper Jaffray shows us how much we all live in a filter bubble. While the techies are already tingling in their fingers one week before the presentation of the new iPhones, the new gadget leaves the end-user cold. From 400 iPhone owners would find only the fewest an upgrade interesting, reports Business Insider. 5. Meg Whitman wants to continue as a HPE boss With the new post as Uber CEO it has not worked out. Now, the Silicon Valley veteran Meg Whitman has announced to continue as head of IT service provider HPE. "I'm not going anywhere," she told CNBC. Why it did not work as Uber CEO? "I was approached very late."





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