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Top-News for Gamescom, Nokia, Facebook, HTC, Cloudeo

Monday, August 21st, 2017 | Gadgets

One example or another CEO could take an example: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to take birth of his second daughter at the end of the year a month of parental leave. He is currently planning a new hardware project, which certainly takes a long time. Read more in our top-tech news.

              1. The Gamescom boss in the interviewThe Gamescom on Tuesday was probably never as political as this year. As the bearer of the world's largest gaming fair, the Federal Association for Interactive Entertainment Software (BIU) and its CEO Felix Falk are pleased to welcome Angela Merkel for the first time. In an interview with HORIZONT, ​​Falk explains why the games market is booming here, but the politics are still neglected. 2. Facebook is supposedly working on AR glasses2. Facebook is reportedly planning to launch its own Augmented Reality glasses on the market. This is indicated by patent documents submitted by Oculus, the Group's subsidiary, to the US authorities. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has already knotted Virtual and Augmented Reality as areas with the greatest social potential at this year's F8 Developer Conference. 3. Nokia wants to return to the world with smartphonesThe once-mobile world market leader Nokia wants to attack with smartphones back to the world's top and the plank Apple and Samsung. "Our goal is to be among the top three smartphone manufacturers within the next three to five years," announces the head of the name owner and manufacturer HMD Global Florian Seiche. 4. HTC lowers prices for virtual reality glasses ViveHTC requires only 699 euros for its VR-glasses Vive introduced last year – a price of 200 euros. The official reason for the Taiwanese is to make the device accessible to a broader target group. In fact, it is likely that Oculus, the competitor, has also turned the penny. 5. Cloudeo collects 2.4 million euros .Goddates are a hotly coveted currency in the smartphone era. The Munich start-up Cloudeo taps various sources such as satellites and offers companies access to the generated geodata. This model appears to attract great interest among investors. According to "the founder scene", donors who do not want to be named now have 2.4 million euros in the company.





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