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Top news about Lilium, Mercedes, Virtual Reality, Tech-IPOs, AirPods

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Gadgets

          Do not you know who you should choose on September 24th? From today Alexa can help you. The non-profit project Wahl-Swiper has developed a skill for Amazon echo and lets you look for the matching party according to the Tinder principle. As for the tech world today, there is also the following: 1. The tesla of the air gets millions of investorsThe German developer of electric aircraft Lilium has earned 90 million dollars fresh money with investors. The company from Munich is developing a five-seater airplane, which should go into series, co-founder and chief Daniel Wiegand. The Lilium Jet should be able to travel in an hour flight up to 300 kilometers and fly faster and farther than other electrical machines. 2. Mercedes establishes joint venture with US start-up ViaEnber for transport wagons: Mercedes-Benz Vans has launched a joint venture with the New York-based start-up Via. According to the company, Daimler is a strategic investor in Via. The builder is putting 50 million US dollars into the young company. 3. How Microsoft would like to bring VR technology into the mass marketThe market for virtual reality is still lacking momentum. In the case of low-cost solutions, the quality, high-end devices are expensive and expensive to use. Microsoft wants to set new standards on Windows 10 with new devices. At the IFA in Berlin, the tech giant presented new headsets for the immersion in virtual worlds based on Windows 10. 4. Most tech IPOs are developing quite well. Extending the stock market development of Snap and Blue Apron times, most tech companies, who dared to go on the podium this year, perform well and are above their starting issue price, Techcrunch analyzes. The bad news: Just 15 tech companies went public this year – as little as 2009 no longer. 5. Apple dominates the market for wireless headphones Although you must get used to the sight of Apple's airpods: the wireless headphones, which look like brush heads of electric toothbrushes, according to the market analysis company NPD Group for 85 percent of the sales in this market Segment. The whole segment of wireless headphones get an upswing with the Apple gadget.





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