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Top news about Alexa and Cortana, Samsung Wearables, Jan Thomas, iPhone 8, Magic Leap

Thursday, August 31st, 2017 | Gadgets

To the iPhone lovers among us: Seems as if we have to say goodbye to the iPhone 8 finally from the home button – synonymous virtual. According to current rumors, Apple wants to abolish the button completely and the operation of the iPhone 8 radically change. Read more in our Tech-News at noon.

              1. Amazon and Microsoft pair Alexa and Cortana This is probably a partnership you would not have expected: Amazon and Microsoft, actually big competitors, when it comes to language assistants, their two digital helpers Alexa and Cortana. According to this, Amazon e-customers can now use Microsoft services such as Outlook – and vice versa. 2. Samsung to provide new Wearables at the IFA afterSamsung continues to focus on the still small market of smartwatches – and puts fitness applications at the forefront. At the IFA in Berlin, the company will be showing two new models with extensive functional scope with "GearSport" and the slimmer Tracker "GearFit2 Pro". The devices are equipped with a variety of functions such as step and calorie counters and offer individual fitness programs. 3. Start-up expert Jan Thomas criticizes focus on big exits and high ratings Zalando, Delivery Hero, HelloFresh: The Berlin founder scene has already produced some internationally successful and valuable start-ups. But Jan Thomas, Managing Director of NKF Media, warns in an interview with HORIZONT Online: "We should focus on whether a start-up actually helps to make the world a better, more sustainable place." 4. Apple changes operation of iPhone8 radicallyPreferentially, the buyers of the September 8 expected iPhone 8 have to adjust to a radically altered operating concept. As Bloomberg wants to have learned from insider circles, Apple in his jubilee smartphone the home button completely abolish – also virtually. Instead, users will have to use the new iPhone with multi-touch gestures. 5. Mystery around AR glasses by Magic Leap released In the US everyone is waiting for the months-announced Augmented Reality glasses of the start-up Magic Leap. Now, according to Mashable, patent drawings of the company valued at 4.5 billion dollars show up a futuristic spectacle with sensors on both edges.





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