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Too many derailments: Vice-commander should be dismissed

Sunday, August 20th, 2017 | World News

Internal investigations have the consequence that the deputy commander of the commando special forces should be deposed.

The "Spiegel" and the German press agency learned this. A civilian employee of the unit stationed in Calw in Baden-Württemberg had complained about him because of verbal derailments, threats and anti-women's sayings about him, the news magazine reported. After an examination by the military prosecutor, the military had decided to place the deputy commander.

No connection with Nazi scandal at KSK
The transfer has nothing to do with the recently known suspicion that at a celebration of KSK soldiers played rightrock and the Hitlerguss has been shown.

  A spokesman for the army only came up with the new case. There had been an anonymous complaint about a staff officer of the Rapid Enforcement Division, to which the Bundeswehr investigated, he said. The KSK is a division unit of the division. The spokesman did not want to comment on the state of the investigation. On request, he added that the letter is about the allegation of sexist, possibly also xenophobic comments against subordinate and civilian Bundeswehr members.

The KSK, the secret operating unit, was founded in 1996 primarily for the liberation and evacuation of German hostages in crisis areas. She was active in Afghanistan and the Balkans.


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