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Tom Sykes: "It was quite hot"

Saturday, September 16th, 2017 | Sports

16. September 2017 – 17:44

Tom Sykes is operated on Sunday morning and wants to return to France

© Kawasaki

(cafetheology.org) – The fans of Kawasaki factory pilot Tom Sykes had a big shock on Saturday morning. The Briton lost control of his Kawasaki ZX-10RR at the beginning of the third free practice session and was thrown on the top of the corner by his motorcycle before corner nine. Slipping on the asphalt caused fuel to ignite. The Kawasaki burned and shrouded the course in the Algarve in dark smoke clouds. "I've had a little trouble with my fingers," he said, "and I'm not going to be able to do it, Sykes says in conversation with 'WorldSBK.com'.For Sykes the race weekend ended after the break of the small finger of the left hand. "I am not allowed to drive this weekend because of the medication I received at the Medical Center, which is a real shame, I would have liked to be able to drive with a local anesthesia and score points," explains the world champion of 2013 in the rescue car to the Medical Center, the doctors looked at the injured finger. "The bone in the finger was corrected again, because he had moved quite a bit, and the Portuguese doctor did a good job," Sykes says, adding, "I'm disappointed, I'm so disappointed that such a small incident had such an effect." But how did this fall come about? "At the moment, when the bike came back to the asphalt, the wheel stopped spinning, causing the motorcycle to become restless, and at that moment I came to the motor's emergency stop. "I wanted to catch it again," says Sykes, "I wanted to jump to the right, but I had no chance, it was over the top, I was hit by the bike, it was a strange crash", summarizes the Kawasaki Werkspilot. On Sunday, Sykes will be operated in Barcelona to fix the fracture. At the WSBK event in Magny-Cours, the World Championship second would like to get back on his bike to avoid losing any points on Chaz Davies.


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