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Todt: Alternative to Halo in the future not excluded

Sunday, September 10th, 2017 | Sports

10. September 2017 – 10:08

The joy of Halo is particularly limited by the fans

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(cafetheology.org) – Many Formula One fans have trouble getting to grips with the idea that the Halo dashboard is in place from 2018 onwards. Now it was only 2017 the cars made by the regulations change more attractive, the aesthetics is now adversely affected by the cockpit bracket, critics find. But there is a way out? "I'm not an expert," says FIA boss Jean Todt on the question of a possible alternative. "I rely on the opinion of experts and their suggestions, and this proposal came out in the end, which seems to be the best success," he says, the Halo is currently the safest solution, to protect the head of the driver. This does not mean, however, that this remains so. "It is a first process, so I hope that a few new possibilities that make the sport safer will appear as soon as possible," Todt also hopes that more and more attractive cockpit protection variants will be found over time. Already in the development phase Red Bull had brought a cockpit protection with the front windscreen, which was better in the paddock optically better, but he proved not to be safe in crash tests: The danger is too great that the head of the driver crashes on an impact on the disc. And also the cockpit protection shield, which Sebastian Vettel tried in Silverstone, did not meet the hopes of the Red Bull disc: The Ferrari star complained of bad visibility and dizziness during his trial. Vettel also felt the turbulences triggered by the disc as unpleasant, which led him to dismantle the system after a lap.


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