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Timetable, Dates and all information on the postal code

Saturday, August 19th, 2017 | World News

The election of the 19th German Bundestag will take place on September 24, 2017. The election day, the then Federal President Joachim Gauck together with the Cabinet had established.

Statutory regulations for the Bundestag election
The basic law determines the period of the election date. According to Article 39, paragraph 1, the new election must take place no earlier than 46 months and no later than 48 months after the beginning of the current election period. The election date is announced by the Bundeswahlleiter, whose seat is in Wiesbaden.

As the 18th German Bundestag began its election period on 22 October 2013, the new date must be between 23 August and 22 October 2017.

  Election day must be a Sunday or a holiday
§16 of the Federal Election Act also stipulates that the election day must be a Sunday or a legal holiday. The main holiday time is taken into account during the time dialing so that collisions are not possible.

At the earliest 29 months after the beginning of the election period, the elections for the representatives' meetings may take place. For the 2017 Bundestag election since 23 March 2016.

 Election calendar: All dates for the Bundestagswahl 2017
DateEvent 12.02.2017Country of the Federal President by the Federal Assembly26.03.2017League election in Saarland07.05.2017League election in Schleswig-Holstein14.05.2017League election in North Rhine-Westphalia07.07.2017Special to this date Announcement of the participating parties03.09.201720: 3 pm: TV duel Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz22.09. 2017Last deadline for the application of the ballot24.09.2017Bundeswahlwahl from 08:00 UhrBriefwahl: How to apply for the ballot?
If you are unable to make a personal choice for the upcoming election, you have the possibility to apply for a new one. This is possible in many ways and can also be carried out by a third person in the case of needy people.

What are the dates for the dial-out?
As a person entitled to vote, you have the option to apply for a vote by the Friday evening before the election day. An exception also applies to sudden illnesses. In this case, however, you need a written proof, so that you can still apply to the election even on the election day. The Federal Electoral Commissioner explains online: "Those entitled to vote by mail should submit the application for election papers and ballot papers as early as possible to the municipality of their principal place of residence."

By the way, you do not have to wait for the sending of the election notification. As soon as the date for an election is fixed, you have the possibility to submit your application. However, in the case of a very early application, it will take some time before you hold your choice documents in your hands. The ballot papers are usually only printed about four weeks before the election, in order to be able to take into consideration any changes.

A postal code is also a good option, if the election location is not accessible. On the application form for the application for a postal vote, the following is stated: "Anyone who submits the request for another person must prove by submitting a written power of attorney that he is entitled to do so."

Mail: What are the options for applying?
When you apply for the postal code, you have several options. For example, you might want to personally manage your community, or send your application by post, fax, telegraph, e-mail, or in special cases by telegram. However, a telephone application is not possible. If you do not use the electoral message to request your vote, simply formulate your request. In any case, please provide your personal data, ie your first and last name, your date of birth and your full address in your letter.

If you are unable to submit your application yourself due to a disability, it is permissible that someone can help you. Grant either an appropriate power of attorney or provide proof that your helper is acting as you please by presenting your personal relationship.

How do I submit the ballot ballot?
Once you have received your passport and made your choice, you should send the documents as soon as possible. These must be received by the competent authority no later than 6 pm on the day of election. You can send your electoral letter by post or return it at the address printed on the cover. This can, of course, be done by another person without authorization.

If you send your electoral letter by post, you do not need to post it as far as you send the letter within Germany. Note that it may take several days for the letter to be sent to the competent authority. For your convenience, use three workdays for the post office. Be aware that it is ultimately your sole responsibility to ensure that your vote arrives in time for the election.

Past dates for the Bundestagswahl 2017
February 12th

SPD, CDU and CSU have agreed on the election of the Federal President to Frank-Walther Steinmeier (SPD) as a joint candidate. The former Federal Foreign Minister was able to elect the election with 931 of 1239 valid votes.

26th of March

In the state elections in Saarland the CDU won the top with 40.7%. This is 5.5% more than in the last Landtag election. The SPD remains stable at 29.6%, which corresponds to one percent less than the last election. You can find the detailed results of the election here.

May 7th

In the state elections in Schleswig-Holstein the CDU reaches 32 percentage points, the SPD loses 3.2 percentage points. 12.9 percent of voters voted for The Greens, more information can be found here.

May 14th

For the SPD, the regional elections in North Rhine-Westphalia were as bad as never. Hannelore Kraft then declared her retreat as the country's chairman. The CDU has clearly won the election, more detailed information can be found here.


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