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+++ Ticker ticker +++ – Swiss Stock Exchange starts to recover | News

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | Economy

The SMI rose by 0.2 percent to 8835 points. On Tuesday the lead index fell by 0.6 percent. Positively valued market participants that the SMI had returned to the trading range, which has been valid for some time, ranging from 8800 to 9200 meters.
The mood of the North Korean crisis also did not escalate. But the conflict continued to simmer, warning traders.
In the afternoon, retailers hope to get fresh impulses from the employment report of the private US employment agency ADP. They will provide a taste for official job statistics, which will be on Friday and provide indications of the timing and pace of the expected US interest rate hikes.
The Baloise shares were in demand. After a temporary increase of 159.60 Swiss francs, the highest level since 16 years, the insurer's shares were still traded by 1.5 per cent higher at 151.90 Swiss francs. Other insurers largely re-initialed initial price gains.
An increase in bond yields encouraged investors to buy the recently acquired bank shares: Credit Suisse securities accounted for 0.4 percent and UBS 0.5 percent.
The shares of the pharmacologically safe Novartis and Roche pharmacies were 0.1 and 0.3 percent. With Nestle, the third index heavyweight also gained slightly value.
Read the full lunch report here.

With investors' worries about the North Korean conflict, investors are back with dollars on Wednesday. The US currency made good for the euro and the yen bottom. The Community currency slid to 1.1940 dollars, more than a US cent below the two-and-a-half-year high of 1.2069 dollars on Tuesday. The greenback to the Yen rose to 110.09 yen from 109.02 yen on Tuesday evening in New York. The Dollar Index also gained 0.3 percent. Many investors have also reversed their euro positions against a series of economic data. Really, apparently, the market does not seem to be the high euro prices, said Commerzbank analyst Thu Lan Nguyen. And: Many investors are relieved that US President Donald Trump on the North Korean missile shell over Japan on Tuesday has been less aggressive and somewhat more diplomatic than last, said a trader.
The Swiss stock market can recover from the losses of the previous day on Wednesday's trading start. The Swiss Market Index rose by 0.6 percent on Wednesday in early trading. The best stock is Adecco with a plus of 1.3 percent. Positive outliers are Baloise (+5 percent). With the key figures presented in the morning, the insurer surpassed analysts' expectations.
The heavyweights Nestlé, Novartis and Roche (all around +0.5 percent) all tend to be within the overall market. Swiss Re (+0.9 per cent) and Zurich (+0.7 per cent) also recorded higher on the day following the generally bad stock market stance, but also because of the storm "Harvey" raging in the USA. Credit Suisse (+1.1 percent) and UBS (+0.6 percent) are also back on track
In the broad market, GAM (+1.4 percent) are slightly stronger than the broad mass. UBS increased the price target for the Asset Manager's share, but left it as "neutral". The share of the advertising market Goldbach increases by 3 per cent because of the half-year figures.
Meanwhile, stock trading in Asia has ended. The exchanges there have recovered from the horror of a new North Korean rocket test over Japan. Above all in Tokyo, the courses started again. The Nikkei index closed with 19'506 meters 0.8 percent higher. On Tuesday he was temporarily down to the lowest level in almost four months due to the recent rocket test of North Korea. The broader topix gained 0.6 percent. Among other things, export values ​​were in demand, as the yen fell again. Isuzu Motors and Panasonic Corp increased by just under one percent. At the Chinese stock exchanges the courses hardly came from the spot. The Bluechip Index and the Shanhai Composite have hardly changed.
Banks and brokers predicted an increase of around 0.4 percent in the Swiss Market Index. However, the conflict continues to swarm, traders warned. North Korea announced further action against the US, while the UN Security Council described the Monday test as a monstrous danger. Equities with the most significant advances in the SMI are ABB and UBS, each with a plus of 0.32 percent. Baloise's mid-caps are up 2.2 percent on the half-year figures.
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In addition, a number of economic data keep investors on track. In the USA, Börsians are eagerly awaiting the employment report of the private employment agency ADP. They give a taste for the official data on Friday, from which investors are predicting the timing and pace of the expected US interest rate hikes. In addition, the second estimate of US growth is in the second quarter.
On Wall Street, the major indices were up slightly on Tuesday after trading in Europe: the Dow Jones and the Nasdaq each closed 0.3 percent higher, while the S & P500 gained 0.1 percent.
Oil prices fell further on Wednesday. A barrel (159 liters) of the North Sea Brent for delivery in October cost 51.79 US dollars in the morning. This was 0.4 percent less than the previous day. Since the beginning of the week, the impact of the tropical cyclone "Harvey" has been weighing oil prices. Parts of the oil industry on the southern coast of the USA have been flooding. Analysts believe that currently about 22 percent of the capacity of the refineries in the US is not available. This has a strong impact on the demand for crude oil.
The safe "safe harbor" gold remains in demand after North Korea's rocket attempt on Tuesday. At the end of the morning, the finunun cost 0.212% more at 1312 US dollars. This remains the highest level in almost a year. Some banks see gold still rising further:
The #gold price is $ 0 .00 per ounce next year, according to Bank of America Merill Lynch analysts: https://t.co/q390YhqMlE pic.twitter.com/MUugz5BobF
– InvestingNewsNetwork (@DigMedia) August 29, 2017
The Nikkei index with the default values ​​gained 0.55 percent to 19'468 points. On Tuesday he was temporarily down to the lowest level in nearly four months due to the recent North Korea rocket test. "If there is no military strike from North Korea or the USA, the market is likely to pick up again very quickly," said Toru Ibayashi of the UBS asset management in Tokyo.
The broader topix increased by 0.4 percent to 1604 counts. Among other things, export values ​​were in demand because the yen fell in value and the US stock markets also performed well.
#Nikkei recovers from near 4 month low after #NorthKorea Korea fears ebb https://t.co/kUbI83PDyS pic.twitter.com/i4S0ZZe4cM
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