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Three senior citizens die at Autounfall

Sunday, August 27th, 2017 | World News

They had no chance: Three senior women were killed on Sunday during a heavy car accident in Billerbeck near M√ľnster.

A 69-year-old driver had rushed on a country road in a bend frontally into the coming car with the three 47 to 83-year-old women, as a police officer reported. In addition, the accident involved three serious injuries.

The 69-year-old and her husband (71) on the passenger seat were seriously injured in the impact. The other car was hurled from the road by the force of the clash. All three women in the car had died at the scene.

A 47-year-old, who was traveling behind this accident vehicle, was still caught in the car of the accident and was also severely injured.

According to the police, the road was largely blocked after the accident in the afternoon. Wait for an expert before the rescue work could start.


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