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This is how much the ARD directors

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 | World News

The ARD puts more emphasis on transparency on the subject of costs and makes public details on its editions on its website. This includes the salaries of all the directors.

On the ARD website, a number of details can now be read, for which the money from the budgets of all ARD stations is issued annually around 5.6 billion euros. The data, which was published for the first time this month, is to be updated on a regular basis, said an ARD spokesman on Wednesday. A part of the numbers was also online before, albeit in a less clear form.

The new data includes expenditure on sports moderators and experts. During the European Football Championship in the summer of 2016 there had been a debate about the amount of fees for sports experts such as Mehmet Scholl at ARD or Oliver Kahn at ZDF.

WDR boss at the top
On the website it is now clear that the ARD in the season 2015/2016 to 21 sportsmoderators in the first total of 1.88 million euro has paid. 8 experts spent 1.2 million euros in the same period. Details, which sportexpert got as much, can not be found there. This is not possible for legal reasons even in the future, the ARD spokesman said.

As early as 2016, the ARD had commissioned the constitutional lawyer Paul Kirchhof with an expert opinion on how much transparency the ARD needed in such questions and what it should make public. The results will be presented in the coming week.

┬áIn addition to this, ard.de also provides information on the majority of already-known-year salaries of all the in – tionalists of the national broadcasting corporations. Tom Buhrow, at the top of the largest ARD station, the Westdeutsche Rundfunks (WDR), gets the most with 399,000 euros.

more transparency
The director of the MDR, Karola Wille, who is ARD chairman until the end of the year, receives 275,000 euros per year. The promoted lawyer had already announced at the beginning of her time at the ARD summit, wanting to attach greater weight to the issue of transparency. Some data are not yet available online, but should be submitted later, said the ARD spokesman. These include the salaries of the ARD directors.

ZDF has been providing information on the salaries of executives online since 2013, as a spokesman for the station said on Wednesday: ZDF director Thomas Bellut, for example, received 2015 annual income of 319,920 euros. On the ZDF page you can also find out what the ZDF judicial, chief editor and program director deserves. Further data, similar to the ARD, about production costs for series, are available on the so-called transparency portal of the station, located in Mainz. ARD and ZDF are mainly funded by the broadcasting contribution of EUR 17.50 per household per month.


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